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What Labor Law Amendments will be Enacted Next Year and Who will be Affected? Published online: 13 Jul 2010.

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Wrapping packs for this type of transport, I would suggest that you consider double dust covers so that one can be removed when the bundle arrives at i t s storage destination at the hospital. Plastic covers will be waterproof too. Containers t o ship i n are rather limited but I would suggest the following for consideration: 1. Herman Miller lockers which can be attached to the walls of the truck 2. Laundry hampers with liners and snap on lids 3. Coleman coolers which have rubber gaskets around the top and the lids can be locked i n place. Please keep in mind that clean and dirty loads should not be transported in the same vehicle without sanitization of the vehicle between runs.

Plan Now for the 5th National Conference on the Expanding Importance of Central Service in Infection Control to be held in

Have a Central Service Question or Problem? Write to Ms. Reilly c / o HOSPITAL TOPICS, 3 8 0 7 Bond Place, Sarasota, FL. 33582.

Chicago at the Palmer House June 20-22, 1979

What Labor Law Amendments Will Be Enacted Next Year And Who Will Be Affected? new study entitled, "Labor Law Amendments: Their Possible Effect", done for the American Society for Personnel A d ministration, is available free to executives. The study covers the defeat of the administration's "labor reform" bill, considers which of the possible amendments might be enacted next year, and their effect upon companies. The study done by Dr. Matthew Goodfellow, executive director of University Research Center, concentrates on the "quick election" amendment to the Taft-Hartley Law as the one most likely to be enacted. "While union organizers are permitted to propagandize employees for as long as a year before an election, the quick election amendment would allow employers only three to four weeks to reply," the report points out.



"This means that companies must concentrate on union avoidance programs because under this most probable amendment, executives will not have time to wage an effective campaign once the union files its NLRB petition for election." The study describes how union organizers operate, and discusses the causes of unionization in most non-union plants. Suggestions and recommendations on the best kinds of union avoidance programs are provided. University Research Center is a not-for-profit research organization supported by about 6,000 companies from many ,industries. Requests for single free copies of the new report should be addressed to Dr. Goodfellow, University Research Center, 121 West Adams Street, Chicago, Illinois

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Negotiating a professional nurses contract.

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