Neem oil poisoning: Case report of an adult with toxic encephalopathy.

Neem oil has widespread use in Indian subcontinent due to its many bioactive properties. Azadirachtin, an active ingredient, is implicated in causing ...
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A rare case of toxic optic neuropathy secondary to consumption of neem oil.
A 35-year-old female was referred to our hospital with bilateral loss of vision of two days duration. She gave history of consumption of about 150 ml of neem oil five days back.Examination revealed no perception of light in both eyes. Both pupils wer

Acute mercury poisoning presenting as fever of unknown origin in an adult woman: a case report.
Mercury intoxication may present in a wide range of clinical forms from a simple disease to fatal poisoning. This article presents a case of acute mercury poisoning, a rare condition that presents challenges for diagnosis with fever of unknown origin

Paraquat Poisoning: A Case Report.
Paraquat is commonly used herbicide by farmers in North West Rajasthan. Despite its easy availability, poisoning of its not common. Fatal dose of paraquat is so small that >10 ml poison can damage lungs permanently. Diagnosis is often difficult witho

Amitraz poisoning: A case report of an unusual pesticide poisoning in Sri Lanka and literature review.
Amitraz is a pesticide used worldwide on animals and in agriculture. It contains triazapentadiene, which is a centrally acting alpha-2 adrenergic agonist. Amitraz poisoning is fairly uncommon in humans and occurs via oral, dermal or inhalational rout

[Necrotizing enterocolitis in an adult -- case report].
A felnőttkori necrotizáló enterocolitis (adult necrotizing enterocolitis – ANEC) gyakran fatális kimenetelű, fulmináns lefolyást mutató tünetegyüttes, amelyet segmentalisan kialakuló bélelhalás jellemez. A Bell-féle súlyossági beosztás alapján hármas

Toxic effects of the neem oil (Azadirachta indica) formulation on the stink bug predator, Podisus nigrispinus (Heteroptera: Pentatomidae).
This research investigated the effects of neem oil on mortality, survival and malformations of the non-target stink bug predator, Podisus nigrispinus. Neurotoxic and growth inhibitor insecticides were used to compare the lethal and sublethal effects

Acute paraquat poisoning with sinus bradycardia: A case report.
Paraquat (PQ) is a highly toxic herbicide, which not only leads to acute organ damage, but also to a variety of complications. Patients with severe PQ-induced poisoning may succumb to multiple organ failure involving the circulatory and respiratory s

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Methanol is a highly toxic substance and methanol poisoning results in severe health situations. Methanol poisoning occurs when it is consumed by various methods such as orally, by inhalation, and transdermally. Transdermal poisoning is rarely seen a