Nanoparticles influence droplet formation in a T-shaped microfluidic.

Droplet formation in the presence of nanoparticles was studied in a T-shaped microfluidic device numerically. Nanoparticles in continuous phase did no...
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A numerical study on the dynamics of droplet formation in a microfluidic double T-junction.
In this study, droplet formations in microfluidic double T-junctions (MFDTD) are investigated based on a two-dimensional numerical model with volume of fluid method. Parametric ranges for generating alternating droplet formation (ADF) are identified.

Fabrication of hexagonally packed cell culture substrates using droplet formation in a T-shaped microfluidic junction.
A method is here proposed to fabricate ordered hexagonally packed cell culture substrates with hexagonally arranged cell patterning areas. We generated photo-sensitive polymeric microdroplets in a T-shaped microfluidic junction by an immiscible liqui

Microfluidic manipulation of magnetic flux domains in type-I superconductors: droplet formation, fusion and fission.
The magnetic flux domains in the intermediate state of type-I superconductors are known to resemble fluid droplets, and their dynamics in applied electric current is often cartooned as a "dripping faucet". Here we show, using the time-depended Ginzbu

Microfluidic EDGE emulsification: the importance of interface interactions on droplet formation and pressure stability.
The fact that interactions of components with interfaces can influence processes is well-known; e.g. deposit accumulation on heat exchangers and membrane fouling lead to additional resistances against heat and mass transfer, respectively. In microflu

A programmable microfluidic static droplet array for droplet generation, transportation, fusion, storage, and retrieval.
We present a programmable microfluidic static droplet array (SDA) device that can perform user-defined multistep combinatorial protocols. It combines the passive storage of aqueous droplets without any external control with integrated microvalves for

Characterization of electrode alignment for optimal droplet charging and actuation in droplet-based microfluidic system.
The actuation method using electric force as a driving force is utilized widely in droplet-based microfluidic systems. In this work, the effects of charging electrode alignment on direct charging of a droplet on electrified electrodes and a subsequen

Rapid and continuous magnetic separation in droplet microfluidic devices.
We present a droplet microfluidic method to extract molecules of interest from a droplet in a rapid and continuous fashion. We accomplish this by first marginalizing functionalized super-paramagnetic beads within the droplet using a magnetic field, a

Collective waves in dense and confined microfluidic droplet arrays.
Excitation mechanisms for collective waves in confined dense one-dimensional microfluidic droplet arrays are investigated by experiments and computer simulations. We demonstrate that distinct modes can be excited by creating specific 'defect' pattern

Bistability in droplet traffic at asymmetric microfluidic junctions.
We present the first experimental demonstration of confined microfluidic droplets acting as discrete negative resistors, wherein the effective hydrodynamic resistance to flow in a microchannel is reduced by the presence of a droplet. The implications

Pressure stabilizer for reproducible picoinjection in droplet microfluidic systems.
Picoinjection is a promising technique to add reagents into pre-formed emulsion droplets on chip however, it is sensitive to pressure fluctuation, making stable operation of the picoinjector challenging. We present a chip architecture using a simple