[Modern study designs and analysis methods in clinical research].

Progress in the field of medical research requires further development of clinical trial methodology to overcome the challenges resulting from small p...
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A critical evaluation of clinical research study designs.
Interventional and observational studies have important roles in dermatology. The results from any study must be put in the context of the appropriate research design selection. RCTs are most useful in determining causality and effectiveness of treat

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All modern clinical studies using the classic hallucinogen lysergic acid diethylamide (LSD) in healthy subjects or patients in the last 25 years are reviewed herein. There were five recent studies in healthy participants and one in patients. In a con

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In this short review, we'll try to specify the differences between evaluation procedures of groups of data, as they present to researchers. The way and time data are gathered defines the type of study is going to shape. When we observe a cluster of d

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HIV vaccine strategies are expected to be a crucial component for controlling the HIV epidemic. Despite the large spectrum of potential candidate vaccines for both prophylactic and therapeutic use, the overall development process of an efficacious HI

Research Methods in Healthcare Epidemiology and Antimicrobial Stewardship-Quasi-Experimental Designs.
Quasi-experimental studies evaluate the association between an intervention and an outcome using experiments in which the intervention is not randomly assigned. Quasi-experimental studies are often used to evaluate rapid responses to outbreaks or oth

Clinical research in a modern Chinese peritoneal dialysis center.
A prerequisite for enhancing the quality of peritoneal dialysis is the continuous review and analysis of clinical data from routine clinical care and research. Here, we describe our strategy (Peking University First Hospital, Beijing, China) to achie

Design and data analysis case-controlled study in clinical research.
Clinicians during their training period and practice are often called upon to conduct studies to explore the association between certain exposures and disease states or interventions and outcomes. More often they need to interpret the results of rese

Research Designs for Intervention Research with Small Samples II: Stepped Wedge and Interrupted Time-Series Designs.
The stepped wedge design (SWD) and the interrupted time-series design (ITSD) are two alternative research designs that maximize efficiency and statistical power with small samples when contrasted to the operating characteristics of conventional rando

Rare-variant association analysis: study designs and statistical tests.
Despite the extensive discovery of trait- and disease-associated common variants, much of the genetic contribution to complex traits remains unexplained. Rare variants can explain additional disease risk or trait variability. An increasing number of