Modeling Flowsheet Data for Clinical Research.

Health care data included in clinical data repositories (CDRs) are increasingly used for quality reporting, business analytics and research; however, ...
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Considerations for using research data to verify clinical data accuracy.
Collected to support clinical decisions and processes, clinical data may be subject to validity issues when used for research. The objective of this study is to examine methods and issues in summarizing and evaluating the accuracy of clinical data as

Louisiana Clinical Data Research Network: establishing an infrastructure for efficient conduct of clinical research.
The state of Louisiana, like the nation as a whole, is facing the salient challenge of improving population health and efficiency of healthcare delivery. Research to inform innovations in healthcare will best enhance this effort if it is timely, effi

Detailed clinical modelling approach to data extraction from heterogeneous data sources for clinical research.
The reuse of routinely collected clinical data for clinical research is being explored as part of the drive to reduce duplicate data entry and to start making full use of the big data potential in the healthcare domain. Clinical researchers often nee

Practice-Based Research Networks: Integrating Clinical Data for Improved Pharmacoepidemiology.
Pharmacovigilance is concerned with the detection, assessment, understanding, and prevention of adverse reactions to medicines. It is helpful to prevent undesired harm sustained by the patient due to inappropriate or unsafe use of medicinal agents. A

Characteristics desired in clinical data warehouse for biomedical research.
Due to the unique characteristics of clinical data, clinical data warehouses (CDWs) have not been successful so far. Specifically, the use of CDWs for biomedical research has been relatively unsuccessful thus far. The characteristics necessary for th

Visual grids for managing data completeness in clinical research datasets.
Missing data arise in clinical research datasets for reasons ranging from incomplete electronic health records to incorrect trial data collection. This has an adverse effect on analysis performed with the data, but it can also affect the management o

The Mid-South clinical Data Research Network.
The Mid-South Clinical Data Research Network (CDRN) encompasses three large health systems: (1) Vanderbilt Health System (VU) with electronic medical records for over 2 million patients, (2) the Vanderbilt Healthcare Affiliated Network (VHAN) which c