MM simulations provide insight into the mechanism of bioluminescence triggering in ctenophore photoproteins.

Photoproteins are responsible for light emission in a variety of marine ctenophores and coelenterates. The mechanism of light emission in both familie...
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Crystal structures of the F88Y obelin mutant before and after bioluminescence provide molecular insight into spectral tuning among hydromedusan photoproteins.
Ca(2+) -regulated photoproteins are responsible for the bioluminescence of a variety of marine coelenterates. All hydromedusan photoproteins are a single-chain polypeptide to which 2-hydroperoxycoelenterazine is tightly but non-covalently bound. Biol

MM simulations of the obelin bioluminescence and fluorescence reveal an unexpected light emitter.
Obelia longissima, a tiny hydrozoan living in temperate and cold seas, features the Obelin photoprotein, which emits blue light. The Obelin bioluminescence and the Ca(2+)-discharged Obelin fluorescence spectra show multimodal characteristics that are

MM) methods.
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