MINUTES OF THE PROCEEDINGS. THIRTY-FOURTH ANNUAL MEETING. PEQUOT HOUSE, NEW LONDON, CONN., July 20, I898. The Thirty-fourth Annual Meeting of the Society was called to order by the President, Dr. GEORGE C. HARLAN, at IO A. M., and the following committees were appointed: Committee on Bulletin - Drs. C. A. OLIVER and MYLES STANDISH. Committee on Membership - Drs. JOHN GREEN, W. H. CARMALT, SAMUEL THEOBALD, ARTHUR MATHEWSON, and E. GRUENING. Auditing Committee - Dr. B. E. FRYER.

The Bulletin Committee reported, and the following papers were read: I. " Why the proportion of blind in the country is greater than in the large cities," by Dr. L. Howe. 2. Majority Report from the Committee appointed at the last meeting to report on the advisability of the Society endorsing legislation on the subject of the compulsory use of Silver Nitrate in Ophthalmia Neonatorum, was read by Dr. Howe.

(Signed also by Dr. Burnett.) 3. Minority Report from the same Committee, by Dr. Jackson, was read by the Secretary. The resolutions offered last year, amended so as to make them apply only to almshouses, were adopted. 4. "Gunshot wounds of the eye and orbit," by Dr. C. S. Bull. Discussed by Drs. Gruening and Bull.


Thirty-fourth Annual Meeting.

5. "Some unusual tumors of the eye and orbit," by Dr. C. S. Bull. Discussed by Drs. Knapp, Pooley, Carmalt, and Johnson. 6. "Osteoma of the orbit, with euophthalmos," by Dr. E. Fridenberg. 7. "Abscess, involving the frontal sinus, with destruction of the vault of the orbit and depression of the eyeball," by Dr. C. F. Clark. Drs. C. D.'Wolcott, Chicago, Percy Fridenberg, and J. R. Goffe of New York, T. A. Peck of Norwich, Conn., were invited to attend the sessions and take part in the discussions. 8. "Large Tumor of orbit (fibro-sarcoma) of 23 years' standing -removal -photographs and specimen," by Dr. F. M. Wilson. Discussed by Drs. Pooley and Wilson. 9. "Lipoma of the orbit," by Dr. Gruening. Discussed by Drs. Bull, Holden, de Schweinitz, and Knapp. IO. "Treatment of eutropion of the lower lid with caustic potash," by Dr. Theobald. Discussed by Drs. Knapp, Abbot, Theobald, Gruening, Noyes, Wilson, Prout, and Risley. II. "Lymphoma of Lids," by Dr. Standish. Discussed by Drs. Jack, Standish, and de Schweinitz. I2. "A case of spindle-celled sarcoma, involving conjunctiva and cornea; removal of growth without impairment of sight," by Dr. St. John. I3. " Conjunctival melano-sarcoma, involving the cornea," by Dr. Green. I4. "Case of interstitial keratitis congenital in origin," by Dr. Hansell. I5. " Hypopion-keratitis break in Descemet's membrane," by Dr. Green. Discussed by Drs. Holden and Green. i6. " New treatment of ulcers and other infectious diseases of the eye by Cassareep," by Dr. Risley. Discussed by Drs. Green, Standish, Johnson, Jack, and Risley. Adjourned to 3 P. M.

Thirty-fourth Annual Meeting.


Called to order at 3.I0. I7. " On the position of the eyeball during the Listing Rotation, as compared, on the one hand, with the successive positions of a plane passing through the respective line of sight, and, on the other, with the successive positions of the plane of sight, these two planes changing their positions in the eyeball, as the particular Listing Rotation proceeds, and this change explaining the apparent inconsistency between the Donders Inclination and the Helmholtz Rotation," by Dr. Hay. i8. " Spontaneous expulsion of foreign body from the anterior chamber," by Dr. Worrell. Discussed by Dr. Hansell. I9. "Some of the earlier symptoms of senile cataract," by Dr. Mittendorf. Discussed by Drs. Kipp, Mittendorf, Clark, and Risley. 20. "Operations for secondary cataract," by Dr. Knapp. Discussed by Drs. Roosa, Noyes, Kipp, Callan, Clark, Howe, Pooley, Wadsworth, Knapp, and Howe. 2I. " Delayed union in cataract extraction," by Dr. Harlan. Discussed by Drs. Noyes, Gruening, Johnson, Standish, and Knapp. Adjourned to executive session at 8 P. M.

Society then went into executive session. The Committee on Membership reported favorably on eight of the names referred to them, in addition to the three favorably reported by the Committee of last year. These candidates were then voted upon, and were all elected. They are as follows: Dr. James Thorington, Philadelphia; Dr. Jno. T. Carpenter, Jr., Philadelphia; Dr. Wm. C. Posey, Philadelphia; Dr. Clarence A. Veasey, Philadelphia; Dr. Wmn L. Wood, Portland, Oregon; Dr. A. G. Thomson, Philadelphia; Dr. J. H. Claiborne, New York; Dr. T. B. Schneidemann, Philadelphia; Dr. Anton Coe, Washington, D. C.; Dr. J. W. Ingalls, Brooklyn, N. Y.; Dr. F. N. Lewis, New York city. The Committee also offered a list of candidates which it recommended should be referred to the Committee of Membership for next year. So ordered.


Thirty-fourth Annual Meeting.

The Treasurer's report was read, and, having been indorsed by the Auditing Committee as correct, was accepted and ordered on file. The resignation of Dr. Holmes of Chicago was received, and Dr. Holmes was elected an honorary member. The resignation of Dr. Jones of Chicago was also received. The Nominating Committee reported the following list of officers for the ensuing year, who were elected: President, Dr. 0. F. WADSWORTH. Vice-President, Dr. C. S. BULL. Corresponding Secretary, Dr. J. S. PROUT. Recording Secretary and Treasurer, Dr. S. B. ST. JOHN. Publication Committee, Drs. W. S. DENNETT, R. H. DERBY, and S. B. ST. JOHN. Voted, That the next place of meeting be New London. Voted, That the assessment of next year be ten dollars. Dr. J. D. Rushmore was elected Delegate and Dr. Bull alternate, to the executive committee of the American Congress of Physicians and Surgeons for I9oo.

JULY 2ISt. Called to order at 9.45. 22. " Protargol in the antiseptic preparation of the conjunctiva prior to cutting operations on the eyeball," by Dr. Fryer. 23. "Buphthalmia - an interesting series of cases occurring in the same family," by Dr. Johnson. Discussed by Drs. Prout and Harlan. 24. " A contribution to the Pathology of the eye and its appendages, including cases and microscopical examinations of sarcoma of the choroid, metastatic carcinoma of the choroid, angio-adenoma of the lachrymal gland. Primary sarcoma of the caruncle and a pre-lachrymal tuberculous growth," by Dr. de Schweinitz. Discussed by Drs. Fryer and Bull. 25. "The surgical treatment of conical cornea," by Dr. Sattler. 26. "The surgical treatment of excessive degrees of myopia," by Dr. Sattler. Discussed by Drs. Mittendorf, Kipp, Knapp,

Thirty-fourth Annual Meeting.


Pooley, Theobald, Sutphen, Noyes, Gruening, Sattler, Bull, Roosa, Risley, Thomson, Wilmer, Taylor, deSchweinitz, Standish, and Wadsworth. 27. " Remarks on High Myopia, treatment of one case by removal of the lens," by Dr. Noyes. 28. "Contribution to the operative treatment of High Myopia, with an additional case," by Dr. Wilmer. Discussed by Drs. Noyes, Clark, and Wilmer. 29. " Case of sympathetic inflammation from adhesion of the eyelid to stump of eyeball (recovery)," by Dr. Sutphen. 30. "The pathology of experimental quinine amblyopia," by Dr. Holden. Discussed by Drs. de Schweinitz and Holden. 3I. " Two cases of premature delivery to preserve sight," by Dr. Adams. 32. " Case of sympathetic neuro-retinitis (recovery)," by Dr. Worrell. 33. " Insertion of sponge after enucleation," by Dr. Risley. Discussed by Dr. Harlan. 34. "Unilateral winking as a test of comparative visual acuity," by Dr. W. Rider (by title). 35. "The Haab magnet as a sideroscope," by Dr. Callan (by title). 36. " Learning to see first with one eye and later with both at forty years of age," by Dr. Minor (by title). 37. " Removal of calcareous (siliquose) cataract," by Dr.

Noyes. 38. " A chalazion forceps," by Dr. Kipp. Adjourned. S. B. ST. JOHN, Secretary.

Members present at the thirty-fourth annual meeting of the American Ophthalmological Society: Dr. S. B. St. John, H. D. Noyes, F. M. Wilson, Myles Standish, Arthur Mathewson, E. Gruening, Wheelock Rider, T. R. Pooley,


Thlirty-fourth Annual Meeting. John Green, G. W. Allyn, G. W. Hale, B. E. Fryer, F. W. Abbott, G. C. Harlan, W. B. Marple, W. B. Johnson, C. S. Bull, L. A. W. Alleman, W. D. Hall, A. E. Adams, E. Fridenburg, J. D. Rushmore, J. 0. Minor, D. Harrower, Jr., C. J. Kipp, Wm. Thomson, W. E. Lambert, W. H. Carmalt, P. A. Callan, A. A. Hubbell, 0. F. Wadsworth, G. E. de Schwei.nitz, W. T. Bacon, F. P. Capron, S. D. Risley,

H. Knapp, C. E. Rider, Harry Friedenwald, T. H. Fenton, W. A. Holden, P. N. K. Schwenk, H. F. Hansell, C. F. Clark, E. E. Jack, W. H. Wilmer, L. S. Dixon, H. S. Oppenheimer, S. Theobald, J. S. Prout, G. Hay, W. F. Mittendorf, J. P. Worrell, T. Y. Sutphen, C. W. Culver, H. R. Price, R. Sattler, D. B. St. J. Roosa, H. W. Ring, L. W. Taylor, E. E. Holt, L. Howe, F. W. Marlow.

Minutes of the Thirty-fourth Annual Meeting.

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