_Uly 26th, I877.

The Society met at the Cataract House, at IO A.M. In the absence of the President, Dr. II. D. Noyes was appointed chairman. Six members were present-Drs. H. Derby, R. H. Derby, J. Green, H. D. Noyes, J. F. Noyes, and G. T. Stevens. There being no quorum, the meeting was adjourned. RICHARD H. DERBY, Secretary.


.7l y 25th, I878.

The Society held its Fourteenth Annual Meeting at the Aquidneck House, at 1O.30 A.M. The President, Dr. Agnew, in the chair. The minutes of the last two meetings were read and approved. Upon the motion of Dr. H. W. Williams, Drs. E. G. Loring and C. S. Bull were appointed a committee to prepare a minute on the death of Drs. Herman Althof and George Wilkes. The following gentlemen were appointed by the chair a Committee on Membership: Drs. H. W. Williams, J. Green, W. Thomson, H. G. Miller, and Arthur Mathewson. The Report of the Treasurer was read, and referred to an Auditing Committee, consisting of Drs. Strawbridge and Stevens. The Committee on Membership was charged with the nomination of officers for the following year. The President appointed as a Committee on Bulletin, Drs. Merrill, Vermyne, and Wadsworth.

Minutes of the Thirteenth Annual Meeting.

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