T1HE Society held its tenthl annual meeting at the Aquidneck House. The first session opened at 10.30 A. M., by the Presidenit, D'. C. R. Agnew, of New York, who gave a brief introductory address. The chair tlhen appointed a conmmittee to prepare a builletin of paper s to be presented, consisting of Drs. Jeffries, Rider, and qorris. Also a cotnmitee on election of new members, consisting of Drs. H. W. Williams, Thomson, Green, Richard H. Derby, an-d Priout. The same Commlittee were by resolution chiarged with the duty of niominating officers for the einsuinlg year, and proposing the place of meeting. The Secretary annouinced the death of two mnembers duiring the year-Dr. Edward M. Curtis, of Sacramiiento, Cal., and of Dr. Lawton, of Syracuse. The Treasuirer's report was read, accepted, and referred to an Auditiing Coinmnittee; viz., Drs. J. F. Noyes and Bull. The Auditing Commnittee reported the Treasurer's accouint to be correct aiid duly vouched for. Time Comninittee on Bulletin then reported the followinig order of papers: 1. Case of Herpes Zoster Ophthalnicus. The whole side of nose involved without affection of the eye. By Dr. WA Q WORTH.

120 2. Six cases of Herpes Zoster Oplhthalinicus; with renmarks. By Dr. JEFFRIES. In this coniiectioin Dr. Mlathewson reported some cases uinder his own observation. 3. Two cases of iinterestinig Syphilitic Lesioin of the Eye. By Dr. BULL. 4. A case of Synmpathetic Irritatioin of onie Eye following injury of the other. By Dr. DYER. 5. Sympathetic Ophtlhalmia, persisting after Einucleatioii. Removal of Extremity of Optic Nerve and surrounding Tissues. Recovery. By Dr. H. DERBY. In addition to case reported by Dr. Derby of exsectioin of the stump of the nerve, others were given by Dr. H. D. Noyes, Dr. Loring, and Dr. Althof. Dr. J. F. Noyes reported a case of detachment of the retina whiich excited sympathetic irritationi of the other eye, anid which was removed by enucleationi. 6. Astigmatism produced by Tenotomy of Recti Muscles. Dr. H. D. NOYES. The cause of the astigmiiatism was operations of tenotomiy for musctilar insufficiency. Dr. Mathewson reported a case of acquired astigmatism, caused by a tumnor of the upper lid, whliell disappeared on removal of the tumor. Cases of acquiired astigmatism not caused by any apparent lesion were given by Drs. Lorinig, Poineroy, and Green. Dr. Webster recited a case produced by permnitting an inifant to suick upon the mother's closed eye, to mnake it go to sleep. Dr. Thomsonl gave a case vlhic ensued fromn phlyetenulai inflanmmation of the cornea. 7. Three Cases of Conical Cornea, colrected bv suitable Glasses. By Dr. THOMSON. 8. OIn the Atropine Treatment of Acquired anid Progressive Myopia. With a Table of Cases. By Dr. H. DERBY. 9. Case of Extreme Myopia. By Dr. H. D. NoYEs. 10. Mydriasis treated by Electricity. By Dr. WEBSTER. Various inembers gave experiences of success, anid wanlt of success by galvanic treatment, usiing both kinds of ciirrenlts. 11. Cases of Inflammation in- the Orbit. By Dr. H. D. NOYES. 12. Visual Acuteness = V to 4i. By Dr. JEFFRIES. 13. A new Modification of the Ophthalmoscope. By Dr. LOING.

121 14. Syphilitic Gnmina in the Ciliarv Body. By Dr. LoBNG. 15. On the Circulatioii of the Optic Nerve and Retina in Disease of the Spinial Cord and Membranies dependent upon Caries of the Vertebrae. By Dr. BULL. The Committee on Membership reported to the Society, and recommeinded for election: . Albany, N. Y. . . Dr. C. S. MERRILL, . Milwaukee, Wis. . EDWIN W. BARTLETT, . Worcester, Mass. . . LE,WIs S. Dixox, . Detroit, Mich. . . A. G. SINCLAIR, duly balloted for and elected.. were All of these gentlemenl The papers read wiere oin motion referred to the Publishing Committee. The thanks of the Society were returned to Dr. Sainnel W. Francis, for his proposed entertainiment, and the regret expressed that the time of filal adjournmeint will prevent the enjoyment of his proffered hospitality. The Secretary was directed to make this commuinication to Dr. Francis. Adjourned to meet at 8 P. M.

July 16, 1874. Society mnet at 8 v. m. The President, Dr. Agniew, took the chair. Minuites of the iIorinieg session were read anid approved. The builletin resumed: 16. OIn Color-Tests for Ainetropia, based upoin the Clhromiatic Abeirration of the Eye. By Dr. GRE£EN. 17. Trephiining the Cornlea to remnove a Foreitrgn Bod. By Dr. AGNEW. Dr. Noyes reported an uniusuial pr-oceeding for remnovinig a deeply seated foreign body. 18. A new method of treatinig Blepharospasin. By Dr. MATHEWSON. 19. Case of Conigenital Lachryryial Fistula. By Dr. AGNEW. 20. Exhibition of new instruments. Dr. Murdoch showed a speculum and fixationi forceps, and a knife for tenotomy of the muscles of the eye. Dr. Hay showed an instrument to facilitate the removal of a long piece of the optic nerve in enucleation.

122 Dr. H. D. Noyes showed a new form of lid-retractor, adapted to deeply set eyeballs; also a fixation forceps which is held by the speculum. The Committee on Membership presented for electioni the name of Dr. Charles H. Williams, of Boston, who was duly elected. They also recommenlded that the next mieeting in 1875 be held at Newport, which was adopted. The Treasurer proposed that the assessinent for the coming year be ten dollars. Adopted. Dr. H. W. Williams reported that the Treasurer in Berlinl of the fund for erecting a monument to Von Graefe, Mr. Felix Mendelssohn, had acknowledged the receipt of a sum amounting to six hundred aind forty dollars, subscribed mostly by members of this Society. Ordered to be entered on the minutes. Dr. Williams also reported the receipt of a letter from Professor Hasner, of Prague, acknowledging the courtesy of the Society in sending him their Transactions. Dr. Prout offered the followinig resolutions, which were adopted, viz.: Resolve(d, 1st, That the numbers of the published Transacti'ons of the Society for its first eight meetings be considered the first voluitne of Transactions. 2d. That the second volume slhall comnmeince witlh the proceedings of 1873, and that in the publislhed proceedinigs of the ecurreint aind of subsequent years, the nuimber s slhall be called parts of each voltume, anid paged colntinuously until abouit seven hunidred pages shall have been prinited. 3d. That the Secretary, Dr. H. D. Noyes, be requested to prepare a preface for the first volume, which shall include a history of the inception and original organizationl of this society, anid a notice of its first meeting; and an index wllich shall be printed anid sent, with title-page for Volume 1, to each member. 4tlh. That the Secretary, when each volumne is completed, be requested to prepare a title-page and index therefor, which shall be printed and senlt to each member. Adjourned to meet at 9 A. M.

123 NEWPORT, July i7, 9i A. M. The President, Dr. Agnew, took the chair. The minutes of the previous session read, and, with certain amendments, ap proved. The President brouight before the Society the subject of making preparations to receive the International Congress in 1876. Dr. H. W. Williams moved that a committee of six be appointed by the chair to advise with the Committee appointed in London, and to report to this meeting such suggestions as they have to offer. The chair appoiinted Drs. Williams, Jeffries, H. Derby, Thomnson, Green, Rider, and Miurdoch. Voted, That the Comnmittee on New Members be instructed to name a committee to give a report at the next meeting on the Progress of Ophthalmology. Voted, That this Committee on New Members also consider the miatter of a change in the by-laws, altering the time of meeting of the Society from the third Thursday to the second Thursday of July. The bulletin resumed: 21. Cases of Optic Neuritis and Illustrations By Dr. NoRRis. Discussion by Drs. Wadsworth and Noyes. 22. Canthoplasty: a Clinical Study. By Dr. ALTHOF. Remarks by Drs. Pomeroy, Prout, and Agnew. 23. Sarcoma of the Choroid, with Specimen. By Dr. SrEvENs. 24. Sarcoma of the Choroid; two Cases, with Specimens. By Dr. WADSWORTH. 25. Sarcoma of the Choroid, with Specimen. By Dr. JEFFRIES.

26. Case of Foreign Body in the Globe, with Specimen. By Dr. JEFFRIES. Cases of Sarcoma were also verbally reported by Drs. Mathewson, Bull, Thomson, and Noyes, who were requested to hand them in writing to the Secretary for publication. The Committee on Membership reported, as the Comnmittee on the Progress of Ophthalmology, the names of Drs. H. D. Noyes and Wadsworth. Dr. Noyes returned thanks for the honor, but would be u'nable to accept the duty. Dr. Wadsworth was then appointed.

124 The Committee also reported that the time of meeting be changed to the fourth Thursday of July. On motion, adjouirned for five minutes.

After a recess of five minutes, the Society called to order by the President. The minutes of the Session read and approved. The proposed amendment to the by-laws as to time of meeting brought forward. Dr. Green proposed to substitute the second Thursday for the fourth Thursday, as recommended by the Committee. This proposition was lost. The vote then taken on the proposition of the Committee, which resulted in thirteen in favor, and three against it. This vote being just one-half the total number present at this annual meeting, and not a majority, the vote was decided in the affirmative, by the casting vote of the President, viz., fourteein to three, the number in attendance at this meeting being twenty-six. The Special Committee as to the International Congress pr&, sented their report, which was accepted, as follows: The Committee respectfully report that they recommend that the Congress be held at Newport, R. I., rather than in any large city, for reasons as follows: Newport is, as it were, neutral ground as regards the different sections of our country. All members in attendance will be at leisure in Newport to attend to our guests, while in a city the local delegation must be more or less engrossed with their private cases. The success of our own meeting in Newport is an earnest of a similar greater success of the Congress, if held in Newport rather than in any large city. The visits of our friends to the instituitions of our cities can be better and more advantageously made by individuals or in small parties than in the crowd incident to visits in the interval of the sessions when held in a large city. In Newport an elegant private hospitality may probably be invoked in behalf of our guests. All our guests will necessarily visit our cities: the meeting at

Newport will give a glimpse of another phase of American life. The Committee express the hope that the members of this Society may receive our foreign visitors as our guests, taking

125 them under our charge from the time of their leaving New York until the end of the Congress. A brief sketch of possible tours with cost, etc., and especially a directory of members of our Society, may greatly facilitate the movements of our guests, and add to the cordiality of their reception when journeying through the country. The Committee also recommend the followinig as a Co-operative Committee to aid in carrying out more fully the hospitable wishes of the Society, omitting names of members from New York City who have already been designated by the New York Ophthalmological Society: Boston, Mass. Dr. H. W. WILLIAMS, cc G. HAY, B. J. JEFFRIES, Philadelphia, Penn. ISAAc HAYS, c W. THOMSON, cc cc




c' c

c' cc cc cc




Brooklyn, N. Y. Albany,


Utica, Rochester, Pittsburgh, Penn. Baltimore, Md. Providence, R. I. New Bedford, Mass. Cincinnati, 0. Chicago,- Ill. Detroit, Mich. St. Louis, Mo. Milwaukee, Wis.

Dr. Mathewson moved that the Secretary have printed an amended copy of the constitution and by-laws.


Dr. Mathewson also moved that the Secretary be instructed to have printed a list of members with their addresses in detail, to be sent to the members. Carried. The bulletin resumed: 27. Operations for Entropium and Trichiasis according to Jaesche's method. Dr. GREEN.

126 28. A Contribution to the Statistics of Cataract Extraction of one hundred and eighteen recent Cases. Dr. AGNEW. 29. Twenty-two Extractions of Cataract. Dr. RIDER. 30. A new method of operating for Strabismus. Dr. J. F. NoYEs. Considerable discussion enstued upon this paper, which was verbally presented-the method being in reality a new process of advancement of a muscle. The resolutions regarding the sending of papers to the Publishing Committee were reaffirmed-the time fixed for placing them in the hands of the Committee being September 15th. The reproduction of Green's tables for testing Astigmatism was referred to the Publishing Committee, in connection with Dr. Green. 'The Committee on New Members, etc., reported the nomination of the following officers for the ensuing year, viz.: For President, Dr. C. R. AGNEW, New York. For Vice-President, Dr. G. HAY, Boston. For Recording Secretary and Treasurer, Dr. RIcHARD H. DERBY, New York. For Corresponding Secretary, Dr. IH. ALTHOF, New York. For Publishing Committee, Dr. HI. D. NoyEs, Dr. E. G. LORING, New York. The above officers were unanimously elected. Dr. Agnew returned thanks to the Society for the honor conferred upon him. Dr. Williams moved that the thanks of the Society be offered to Dr. H. D. Noyes, for his assiduous labors as the Recording Secretary and Treasurer of the Society during the period of ten years, and the regret of the Society that he finds himself compelled to relinquish the position. Carried. And Dr. Noyes responded. On motion, adjourned. HENRY D. NOYES, M.D.,

Recording Secretary.

THE FOLLOWING MIE s WERE I ATTNDANE ON THE MEETING OF JULY, 1874. DAv mWEBSTER, New York, N. Y. Dr. cc Brooklyn, ARTHuIR MATHEWSON, 'C Detroit, Mich. J. F. NOYES, Pittsburgh, Penn. ,cc E. DYER, Boston, Mass. 0. F. WADSWORTH,. ,CC C. S. BULL, New York, N. Y. ''C H. W. WILLIAMS, Boston, Mass. H. ALTHOF, New York, N. Y. J. S. PROUT, Brooklyn," 'CC New York, 0. D. POMEROY, . St. Louis, Mo. JOHN GREEN, ..s-CC Wm. THOMsoN, Philad'phia, Penn. -'C G. Hay, Boston, Mass. -'C ,c Baltimore, Md. RUSSELL MURDOCH, J. J. B. VERMYNE, N. Bedford, Mass. CHARLES E. RIDER, Rochester, N. Y. -CC 'c HENRY D. NOYEEr, New York, C. R. AGNEW, c Boston, Mass. HASKET DERBY, .cc c cc cs B. JOY JEFFRIES, .cc c' RICHARD H. DERBY, New York, N. Y. ic EDWARD G. LORING, JR., CC cc . W. F. NORRIS, Philad'phia, Penn. GEORGE T. STEVENS, Albany, N. Y. . F. J. BUMsTEAD, New York, N. Y. LE:WIS S. DixoN, Worcester, Mass. ,cc

Minutes of the Tenth Annual Meeting.

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