SIXTEENTH ANNUAL MEETING. HFeld in the city of Newport, Y7uZy 22 and 23, I88o, at the Masonic Buildintg, corner of Church and School Streets. NEWPORT, 7tdy 22, i88o.

TiHE Society was called to order at IO A.M., by the President, DR. HENRY D. NOYES, of New York. After an address of welcome by the President, in which he suggested several fertile fields for ophthalmological observation and research, the following committees were appointed. The reading of the minutes of the previous session were rendered unnecessary by their having been printed and circulated amnong the members of the Society. COMMITTEE ON MEMBERSHIP.

DRs. HASKET DERBY, of Boston, CH4ARLES S. BULL, of New York, W. H. CARMALT, of New Haven, JOHN GREEN, of St. Louis, and GEORGE C. HARLAN, of Philadelphia, were appointed Committee on Membership. COMMITTEE ON BULLETIN. DRs. DAVID WEBSTER, of New York, and CHARLES J. Kipp, of Newark, N. J., were appointed Committee on Bul. letin. AUDITING COMMITTEE.

DRS. ARTHUR MATHEWSON, of Brooklyn, and F. B. LORING, of Washington, D. C., were appointed Committee on Auditing Treasurer's report.


Sixteenth Annual Meeting.

The Treasurer, DR. RICHARD H. DERBY, of New York, read his report, which was examined and approved by the Auditing Committee. Upon motion of the Secretary, it was voted that no assessment be levied for the present year. The reading of the reports of the Committees on Membership and on the Election of New Members was postponed. The report of the Committee on Bulletin was received, and the order of papers was then taken up. i. The first paper was by Dr. David Webster, of New York, upon " Sympathetic Inflammation following Operations for Cataract." INVITED GUESTS.

After the reading of the above paper, and before its discussion was taken up, the President read the names of the following invited guests: Dr. F. C. Hotz, of Chicago, invited by Dr. Knapp; Dr. S. D. Risley, of Philadelphia, invited by Dr. Norris; Dr. E. E. Holt, of Portland, invited by Dr. Prout; Dr. J. C. Peters, of New York, invited by Dr. Derby; Dr. S. B. St. John, of Hartford, invited by Dr. Carmalt; Dr. W. R. Birdsall, of New York, invited by Dr. Prout; Dr. J. A. Andrews, of Staten Island, invited by Dr. Webster. The order of the Bulletin was now. resumed. 2. " A Contribution to the Pathology and Treatment of Vascular Tumors of the Eyelids." By Dr. C. S. Bull. 3. " Peculiar Anatomical Development of one of the Central Arteries of the Retina." By Dr. F. B. Loring. 4. "A Case of Ectropion treated successfully by Wolfe's Method-the Transplanted Piece of Skin measuring 3 x I S" By Dr. A. Mathewson, Brooklyn. . " The Treatment of Ectropion by Transplantation of Skin." By Dr. Lucien Howe, Buffalo, N. Y. 6. " Intra-ocular Lipemia." By Dr. Albert G. Heyl,


Upon motion, the Society adjourned in order to go into Executive Session.

Sixteenth Annual Meeting.


The Society was called to order, and the Chairman of the Committee on Membership proposed the following gentlemen as members of the Society: Drs. Samuel D. Risley, of Philadelphia; Samuel B. St. John, of Hartford; S. Theobald, of Baltimore; Henry S. Schell, of Philadelphia, and Robert Sattler, of Cinciinnati. These gentlemen were duly elected. The Chairman of the Committee, Dr. Henry W. Williams, further reported the advisability of the following two changes in the By-laws : in section 3, second line, to substitute for "Thtursday," " Wednesday," and the striking out of the sixth section. The subject of the amendment of the By-laws was laid over until the next session of this meeting. Upon motion the Society adjourned its Executive Session. 7. " A Tabtular Report of Two Hundred and Twenty-five Cases of Refraction." By Dr. W. S. Little, Philadelphia. 8. " Report of a Case of Traumatic Paralysis of the Superior Oblique Muscle, with Treatment." By Dr. W. S. Little, Philadelphia. 9. " Report of a Case of Partial Paralysis of the Inferior Oblique Muscle, with treatment." By Dr. W. S. Little, Philadelphia.

Dr. William F. Norris, of Philadelphia, was requested to take the chair while Dr. Henry D. Noyes, of New York, read his paper upon IO. " Laceration of the Eyelids." This paper was followed by another by the same author, on II. "A Case of Double Glioma, with Autopsy." I2. " Oni Keratitis from Malarial Fever." By Dr. C. J. Kipp, Newark, N. J. 13. " Enucleation of the Eyeball" (by title). By Dr. C. R. Agnew, New York. 14. " A Modification of Loring's Ophthalmoscope." By Dr. H. D. Noyes, New York.

Upon motion the Society went into Executive Session, and the Clhairman of the Committee on Membership read the following names proposed for memnbership:


Sixteenth Anyual Meeting.

DR. S. C. AYRES, of Cincinnati, O., proposed by Drs. E. Williams and C. R. Agnew. DR. W. F. MITTENDORF, of New York, N. Y., proposed by Drs. R. H. Derby and H. D. Noyes. DR. J. P. WORRELL, of Terre Haute, Ind., proposed by Drs. Wm. F. N ornrs and S. D. Risley. DR. R. A. REEVE, of Toronto, Canada, proposed by Drs. C. R. Agnew and D. Webster. DR. F. C. HoTz, of Chicago, Ill., proposed by Drs. E. L. Holmes and H. Knapp.

The Chairman of the Committee also offered the following amendment to the Constitution to insert in article three, fourth line, after the word " attach," the words " or suffer to be attached." The Society adjourned until 7.30 P.M. 1




The meeting was called to order by the President, DR. NoYES, at 7.45 P.M. The Secretary read the minutes of the preceding meeting, which were declared approved by the Chair. Dr. Jeifries demonstrated the method of testing colorblindness by means of Prof. Donder's apparatus. I 5. " A Case of One-sided Complete Blindness from Ischaemia Retina ending in Perfect Recovery." By Dr. H. Knapp, New York. i6. " Eight Sclerotomnies for Glaucoma." By Dr. H. Knapp, New York. Upon motion of Dr. H. W. Williams, the Society went into Executive Session. Dr. Williams then moved the amendment offered by the committee, that " Wednesday" be substituted for " Thursday" in By-law Third, and that By-law Sixth be expunged.

Carried. Dr. H. Derby, Chairman of the Committee on Member-

,Sixteenth Annuat Zkteding.l

*J 33

ship, prop-osed that the phrase " or su ffer to be. attached " be inserted in the fourth line after the-word " attach," in Article 3 of the Constitution. Upon motion, this -was. carried. OPEN SESSION.

The Chairnian declared the Ex!-cutive Session adjourned, and directed that the Society proceed to the consideration of the Bulletin. I7. " Note on a Case of Unusual Acuteness of Vision, with Circles of Diffusion." By Dr. G. C. Harlan, Philadelphia. Adjourned. SECOND DAY-JULY 23, 1880-MORNING SESSION. The Society was called to order at 10 A.M. by the President, DR. NOYES. The Secretarv read the minutes of the previous session, which were approved. The Secretary announced the receipt of. a card from Louis.ville, Ky., informing him of the death of Dr. C. S. Fenner. Upon motion of Dr. Agnew, the Secretary was directed to record the death of Dr. Fenner .in the -minutes of the Society. Upon motion of Dr. H. Der.by, it was ordered that a new copy of the By-laws be printed and sent to eaclh member of the Society,.and with the same a notice directing the attention of the memibers to the amendments to the Constitution made yesterday. The B3ulletin was now taken up, and the first paper which was read was that of Dr. E. Williams., of Cincinnati, Ohio, on i8. " Report' of Two Cases of Cyst of the Iris, with Preparations." I9. "Three Cases of Persistent Pupillary Membrane," By Dr. C. R. Agnew, New York. 20. " The Insufficiency of the Ophthalmoscope as the Sole Test of Errors of Refraction." By Dr. C. R. Agnew, New York. 2 1. " Neuritis after Measles." By Dr. 0. F. Wadswortl,



Sixteenth Antnuat Meeting.

22. " Weber's Curved Canaliculus Knife in the Enucleation of the Eyeball." By Dr. J. Green, St. Louis. 23. "A Case of Detached Retina Treated by Hypodermic Injections of Muriate of Pilocarpin." By Dr. J. Green, St. Louis. 24. "A Case of Extreme Exophthalmus in an InfantRecovery." By Dr. J. Green, St. Louis. 25. "Dr. Theobald's Eye-Bandage." Shown by Dr. H. D. Noyes. 26. "Exhibition of a Combination Set of Trial-Glasses, and a New Trial-Frame." By Dr. J. Green, St. Louis. 27. "Dr. Loring's Keratometer." Exhibited by Dr. 0. F. Wadsworth, Boston. 28. " Photographs of Sections through the Fovea." By Dr. 0. F. Wadsworth, Boston. 29. Dr. B. Joy Jeffries gave verbally-a detailed statement of what has already been done by the United States Government and private corporations for the control of color-blindness and visual defects on land and sea. Connecticut is the first and only State which has established required examination of railroad employees. The various methods adopted by the Connecticut State Board of Health, who have the matter in hand, for testing color-blindness, and to be employed by the medical experts appointed, Dr. Jeifries showed and described in detail. He spoke of the uselessness of attempting to have tests carried out by the laity or by medical men who have not been specially instructed, or specially studied the normal color-sense and practically familiarized themselves with the laws of color-blindness. He cited examples of the unfortunate effect of such attempts, both for the cause of control he has advocated and the rights of the individual, as also for the standing of -our specialty among the profession and laity. He explained the purposes and value of and the congressional action taken in regard to the proposed International Commission to determine standard methods of testing colorblindness, and standards of requirement of the chromatic sense and visual power. He asked for a recommendatory vote of the Society in favor of this commission and of the standard of required color-sense and visual acuteness- re-

Sixteenth Annual Meeting.


quired by the Connecticut State Board of Health among railroad employees. 30. " An Instrument for the Detection of Color-Blindness." By Dr. Wm. Thomson, Philadelphia.

Upon motion, the Society went into Executive Session. Dr. Green asked that his paper on " Entropion," offered last year, be published in the present Transactions. This was granted. The Nominating Committee offered the following names of officers for the ensuing year:

President-DR. H. D. NOYES, New York. Vice-President-DR. WM. F. NORRIS, Philadelphia, Pa. Recording Secretary and Treasurer-Dr. R. fH. Derby, New York. Corresponding Secretary-DR. J. S. PROUT, Brooklyn, N. Y. Publishing Comnittee-DRS. E. G. LORING and D. B. St. JOHN RoOSA, of New York. The report of the Nominating Committee was adopted, and the above-named gentlemen duly elected. The President requested Dr. Carmalt to take the chair. The Committee on Membership recommended Newport as the place for the next annual meeting. Dr. Noyes suggested that many members of the Society felt that it would be an advantage to hold the meeting once in a number of years in the west. After some discussion, the attention of the Society was now directed to the consideration of the report of the committee, and upon motion, it was decided that Newport should be the place for the next meeting. Dr. Jeffries offered the following resolutions: Voted, That the Society approve of the regulation of the State Board of Health of Connecticut, in reference to the standard requirements of visual power and color-blindness. Voted, The Society would hereby heartily approve of the proposed International Commission in reference to visual acuteness and color-


Sixteenth Annual Meeting.

blindness, and the Secretary of the Society is hereby directed to transmit this vote to the Naval Committee of Congress. Carried.

Upon motion of Dr. Webster, Dr. M; Josiah Roberts was given permission to furnish an abstract of the proceedings of the sixteenth annual meeting of the Society for publication in the Mledical Record. Dr. H. W. Williams moved that the following two names be offered to the Committee on Membership for nomination. DR. J. A. ANDREWS, of Stapleton, S. I., by Drs. Agnew and Webster. DR. H. W. BRADFORD, of Boston, Mass., by Drs. H. Derby and Dennett. Carried. The Society adjourned its Executive Session. OPEN SESSION.

The Society was called to order by the President, and the Bulletin was again taken up. 3I. Dr. Russell Murdoch's paper: " (a) Combined Forceps, Cystotome, and Curette; (b) A Slight Improvement in the Speculum; (c) A Slight Improvement in the Ophthalmostat; (d) Their Combined Use in Modified Linear Extraction," was read by title. Dr. Murdoch's paper, entitled 32. " Contribution in Comparative Vision: Eye of Eagle, Buzzard, Owl, Singing-Birds, and Ox," was read by title. Dr. Charles E. Rider's paper, 33. " Notes on Cataract Extractions," was read by title. 34. Dr. Prout exhibited to the Society, Drs. H. & A. M. Knapp's (Providence, R. I.) dry cup apparatus as a substitute for Heurteloup's artificial leech. It was much cheaper than the latter and answered the purpose very well. A new scarificator was also exhibited. The Chairman announced that Dr. Prout's communication would be referred to the Publication Committee. 35. " A Modification of Loring's Ophthalmoscope," with woodcuts. By Dr. H. D. Noyes, New York. 36. " An Improvement in Concave Spectacle Glasses of HHigh Powers." By Dr. J. Green, St. Louis.

Sixteenth Annual Meeting.


37. "XAn Acute Glaucomatous Invasion following closely upon a Single Application of a very weak Preparation of Duboisia." By Dr. J. Green, St. Louis. 38. " An Iinproved Operation for a New Pupil after Cataract Operations " (read by title). By Dr. E. G. Loring, New York. 39. " A Modified Operation for Discission in Soft Cataract." By Dr. J. Green, St. Louis. 40. " Case of Nucleus-like Bodies in the Lenses of a Child, Escaping after Discission." By Dr. J. Green, St. Louis. 41. " Mental Government of After-Images." By Dr. -B. Joy Jeffries, Boston, Mass. 42. " Optico-ciliary Neurotomy." By Dr. H. W. Williams, Boston, Mass. 43. " Case of Buphthalmus, with Central Anterior Synechia, Cured by Total Removal of the Iris." By Dr. H. D. Noyes, New York. 44. "Dermoid Cyst of Left Cornea." By Dr. S. D. Risley, Philadelphia, Pa. 45. " An Operation for Entropion." By Dr. J. Green, St. Louis. 46. Partial Tenotomy of Superior Rectus. By Dr. Richard H. Derby, New York (by title).

Upon motion of Dr. John Green, it was ordered that the papers read before the Society, or read by title, be referred to the Committee on Publication. Dr. Green further moved that all papers and other commuinicatlons intended for publication be placed in the hAnds of the Secretary before September 15, i88o, and that proofs of the same be sent to the several writers with the understanding that they be returned within one week after their receipt. In case of non-compliance with this order any paper may be omitted from the published Transactions at the discretion of the Publishing Committee. Carried. The Secretary read the minutes of the last session, whicl were approved. Upon motion of Dr. H. W. Williams, the Society adjourned. RICHARD H. DERBY, Secretary. 2

Si**enth A4*nual Meeti'g. The following members were present at the meeting of July, I88o: DR. C. R. AGNEW .................. New York, N. Y. DR. C. S. BULL .................. New York, N. Y. DR. F. BULLER .................. Montreal, Can. DR. W. H. CARMALT ............. New Haven, Conn. DR. HASKET DERBY ...... Boston, Mass. ...... New York, N. Y. DR. RICHARD H. DERBY . DR. JOHN GREEN . ............. St. Louis, Mo. DR. GEORGE C. HARLAN ............ Philadelphia, Pa. DR. ALBERT G. HEYL .............. Philadelphia, Pa. DR. LUCIEN HOWE . .............. Buffalo, N. Y. DR. B. JOY JEFFRIES ............ Boston, Mass. DR. CHARLES J. KIPP . ........... Newark, N. J. DR. H. KNAPP .................... . .. .New York, N. Y. . DR. W. S. LITTLE ........... Philadelphia, Pa, DR. F. B. LORING . ........... Washington, D. C. DR. ARTHUR MATHEWSOM . . Brooklyn, N. Y. DR. WM. F. NORRIS ................... Philadelphia, Pa. ............ New York, N. Y. DR. H. D. NoYis DR. 0. D. POMEROY ............... New York, N. Y. DR. J. S. PROUT........ ..... Brooklyn, N. Y. DR. S. D. RISLEY. ................... Philadelphia, Pa. . .-Hartford, Conn. DR. S. B. ST. JOHN DR. J. J. B. VERMYNE ................ Nw. New Bedford, Mass DR. 0. F. WADSWORP.TH... .......... Boston, Mass. DR. D. WEBSTER.. ......New York, N. Y. . DP. C. HI. WILLIAMS..... ...Boston, Mass. DR, E. WILLIAMS . ......... Cincinnati, 0. . DR, H. W. WILLIAMS . ..Boston, Mass. ....

Minutes of the Sixteenth Annual Meeting.

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