_Uly 26th, I877.

The Society met at the Cataract House, at IO A.M. In the absence of the President, Dr. II. D. Noyes was appointed chairman. Six members were present-Drs. H. Derby, R. H. Derby, J. Green, H. D. Noyes, J. F. Noyes, and G. T. Stevens. There being no quorum, the meeting was adjourned. RICHARD H. DERBY, Secretary.


.7l y 25th, I878.

The Society held its Fourteenth Annual Meeting at the Aquidneck House, at 1O.30 A.M. The President, Dr. Agnew, in the chair. The minutes of the last two meetings were read and approved. Upon the motion of Dr. H. W. Williams, Drs. E. G. Loring and C. S. Bull were appointed a committee to prepare a minute on the death of Drs. Herman Althof and George Wilkes. The following gentlemen were appointed by the chair a Committee on Membership: Drs. H. W. Williams, J. Green, W. Thomson, H. G. Miller, and Arthur Mathewson. The Report of the Treasurer was read, and referred to an Auditing Committee, consisting of Drs. Strawbridge and Stevens. The Committee on Membership was charged with the nomination of officers for the following year. The President appointed as a Committee on Bulletin, Drs. Merrill, Vermyne, and Wadsworth.

373The President asked that his own name might not be considered as a candidate for re-election to office. Dr. H. W. Williams proposed this amendment to the By-Laws,-after the first clause of By-Laws, and to take the place of the second paragraph: " All nominations shall be made in open meeting by two members of the Society, and shall be referred to the Committee on Membership, who may report on each name as they shall think proper; such report to be made at the next annual meeting following that at which the nomination is made. But the proposers of any name may, after the report of this committee has been received, bring such name before the Society."

This motion was seconded, and, in accordance with the ByLaws, was ordered to lie over until the next session of the

Society. The Committee on Bulletin reported, and the President called for a paper by i. Dr. Mathewson: "Nitrous Oxide as an Anmsthetic in Strabismus Operations." 2. Dr. Strawbridge: "Ophthalmic Contributions; a Case of Glioma; Cyst of the Iris; a Congenital Malformation of Conjunctiva resembling Pterygium; remarks on Secondary Cataract Operations, with presentation of a new Instrument." 3. Dr. Roosa presented by title a paper on " The Relations of Blepharitis Ciliaris to Ametropia." Also 4. " A Case of Anawmia of the Retina, apparently Caused by Cinchona-Poisoning." 5. Dr. Prout: "Lachrymal Conjunctivitis." 6. Dr. H. W. Williams: " The Abuse of Mydriatics." 7. " A Case of Excision of Ossified Choroid without Enucleation. " 8, Dr. Bull: "Two Cases, illustrating rare Diseases of the Eyelids. " 9. Dr. Webster: " A Case of Spontaneous Cure of Subretinal Effusion." Some discussion ensued upon the reading of this paper, and the impression of several speakers was that, in the treatment of subretinal effusion by the recumbent atti-

374 tude, it was the rest that accomplished the relief, and not the supine position.

The committee, appointed to audit the Treasurer's Reports for I877-I878, found them correct, and they were accepted. Adjourned at 2.30 P.M. _7ft4y 25t/. at Session In the absence of the President, Evening 7.45. Dr. Carmalt in the chair. The minutes of the morning meeting were read and approved. IO. Dr. Vermyne: "A Case of Rupture of the Sphincter Pupilla." i i. Dr. R. H. Derby: "A Case of Tumor of the Conjunctiva, with Drawing, Simulating Cyst." I2. Dr. Dixon: " Cases of Retinitis Albuminurica; Embolism of Central Artery of Retina and Sarcoma of both Eyes. " 13. Dr. Bull: " A Case of Syphilitic Gumma of the Conjunctiva." 14. Dr. Wadswortl: "Intraocular Circulation."

The Society went into executive session. The following officers were elected for the ensuing year:

President-DR. H. D. NOYES, New York. Vice-President-DR. W. F. NORRIS, Philadelphia. Recordizg Secretary and Treasurer-DR. RICHARD H. DERBY, New York.

Corresponding Secretary-DR. J. S. PROUT, Brooklyn. ) Committee on DR. E. G. LORING,

Publication- DR. D. B. ST. JOHN ROOSA, N The resignations of Dr. C. M. Allin and Dr. H. C. Newton were presented, and accepted. Dr. Roosa moved that, as the sense of this Society, resi-

375 dence in Canada was not a disqualification for membership. This motion was seconded, and carried. The following gentlemen were then elected members of the Society: DR. DR. DR. DR. DR. DR. DR. DR. DR. DR.

E. T. ELY, New York. F. B. LORING, Washington. F. W. ABBOTT, Buffalo. W. S. DENNETT, Boston. J. A. SPALDING, Portland. W. S. LITTLE, Philadelphia. W. V. MARMION, Washington. H. CULBERTSON, Zanesville, 0. LUCIEN HOWE, Buffalo. F. BULLER, Montreal.

The motion to amend the By-Laws, made by Dr. Williams, was now considered. Dr. Green moved that this clause be added to the amendment offered by Dr. Williams: "The Secretary shall, soon after each annual meeting, send to each member of the Society a list of the names of all candidates proposed for membership, together with the names of proposers and of the members of the Committee on Membership."

This amendment, together with that of Dr. Williams', was seconded and carried. Dr. Loring offered the following resolution: "That all papers shall be referred to the Secretary and Publishing Committee. who shall have the power to select such papers as may seem worthy in their estimation of being read before the Society. That such papers shall be so referred one month before the meeting. That the Secretary shall be directed to prepare a bulletin of such papers, which shall be forwarded to each member of the Society as soon as the decision of the Committee is rendered."

This resolution was seconded. The report of the Committee, recommending Newport as the place for the next annual meeting, was accepted. Adjourned.

376 7uly 26th.

Morning Session at 9.45. The President, Dr. Agnew, in the chair. The minutes of the last session were read, and approved. 15. Dr. Vermyne: " Photopsy from an Injured Eye, persisting Six Months after Enucleation." i6. Dr. E. G. Loring read by title a paper on "Strabismus." 17. " Disappearance of Lenticular Opacities." i 8. " Visual Purple." I9. Dr. Roosa: "Examination under Atropia of the Refractive State of Eyes with Normal Vision and which have never been affected with Asthenopia or Inflammation." 20. Dr. Thomson: " A New Method for the Rapid Determination of the Refraction without Glasses, with Demonstration of an Instrument." 21. Dr. J. Green: " On Some Improvement in Instruments for Diagnosis: ist. Tests for Astigmatism. 2d. A Modification of Dr. Loring's Ophthalmoscope. 3d. Remarks on the Test Set of Glasses. 4th. Tests for Binocular Vision. The Chromatic Aberration of the Eye." 22. Dr. Stevens: " Enucleation of an Eyeball, followed by immediate and marked Reduction of the Amount of Urine passed in a Case of Diabetes Insipidus." Dr. Agnew suggested that, as ether had been given before the operation, this might have been the cause of the suppression of the urine. No microscopical examination of the urine had been made, the author stated, in reply to questions from the President. 23. Dr. Webster: "The Consanguinity of Parentage and Heredity in Retinitis Pigmentosa." 24. Dr. Jeffries: "The Relative Frequency of Color-Blind. ness in Males and Females." Dr. Jeffries also explained the practical use of Holmgren's Method of Testing for Color-Blindness. 25. Dr. Agnew: " A New Instrument for Operation on the Lachrymal Passages." 26. " Cases of Ophthalmic Disease, in which enforced Exposure of the Eyes to the Light and Air was Salutary."

377 27. Dr. E. G. Loring: "A new Modification of the Ophthalmoscope," and " An Artificial Eye (Phantom) representing the Combined System." All the papers read were referred to the Publishing Comrmittee, with power. The following minute of the death of Dr. Geo. Wilkes was offered: DR. GEORGE WILKES, an Honorary Member of the American Ophthalmological Society, died November 30, I876, at the age of 76 years. DR. WILKES was appointed a Surgeon of the New York Eye and Ear Infirmary in I832, and held this office until I852, when he resigned. At that date he became one of the Consulting Surgeons of the Infirmary. For many years he was identified with ophthalmic practice in his native city. DR. WILKES was well known as a general practitioner.

The Committee on Membership recommended that the Society should limit its number of members to eighty. This amendment to the By-Laws was seconded, and ordered to lie over to the next meeting. Dr. H. W. Williams moved that, while the Committee on Nominations accepted the suggestion of DR. Agnew, he should not again be considered a candidate for office, the Society express their sense of the dignity with which Dr. Agnew had filled the position of President. This motion was seconded, and carried. Adjourned. RICHARD H. DERBY, Recording Secretary. The following members were present at the meeting of July, I878: C. R. AGNEW ................... New York. E. W. BARTLETT ................... Milwaukee, Wis. C. S. BULL .............. New York. W. H. CARMALT ................... New Haven. RICHARD H. DERBY ............... New York. L. S. DIXON ................... Worcester, Mass. St. Louis, Mo. DR. JOHN GREEN ...................



DR. B. JOY JEFFRIES .................... Boston.

DR. E. G. LORING ................... New York. DR. F. B. LORING ............... Washington, D. C. 27

378 DR. DR. DR. DR. DR. DR. DR. DR. DR. DR. DR. DR. DR. DR.

A. MATHEWSON.................... Brooklyn, N. Y. C. S. MERRILL ..................... Albany, N. Y. H. G. MILLER..................... Providence, R. I. 0. D. POMEROY .................... New York. J. S. PROUT ............ Brooklyn, N. Y. D. B. ST. JOHN RoOSA ............ New York. F. P. SPRAGUE ............ Boston. GEORGE T. STEVENS ............... Albany. GEORGE STRAWBRIDGE ............. Philadelphia. WILLIAM THOMSON................ Philadelphia. J. J. B. VERMYNE................... New Bedford, Mass. 0. F. WADSWORTH ................ Boston. D. WEBSTER..................... New York. H. W. WILLIAMS .................. Boston. .........


Minutes of the Fourteenth Annual Meeting.

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