SPECIAL MEETING. [At Washington, D. C., Sept. I9th, in connection with the Congress of American Physicians and Surgeons.] MORNING SESSION.

The meeting which was held in one of the parlors of the Arlington Hotel was called to order by the Secretary at II A. M., and in the absence of the President, Dr. H. W. Williams was elected President pro tem. This being a meeting only for the reading of scientific papers, no business was transacted. The following papers were read and discussed: "Some Tenotomies for the Correction of Heterophoria, with Results" -Dr. Webster. "Is Astigmatism a Factor in the Causation of Glaucoma ?" Dr. Theobald. "Treatment of Ulcers of the Cornea -Dr. CalIan. AFTERNOON SESSION.

"Meridional Astigmatism" -Dr. Jackson. Report of committee appointed to consider the proposition to designate Prisms according to their refractive powers. "Acute Cocaine Conjunctivitis " -Dr. Mittendorf. Exhibition of apparatus for diagnosis of Refraction - Dr. Burnett. "Blepharo-spasm" (by invitation) Dr. Koller. "Monocular Optic Neuritis -Dr. R. H. Derby. "hive cases of removal of the dislocated crystalline lens with the bident " -Dr. Pomeroy. The following members of the Society were present: Drs. P. A. Callan, D. Webster, Edward Jackson, S. B. St.John, W. F. Mittendorf, D. C. Cocks, 0. D. Pomeroy, F. M. Wilson, L. H. Taylor, J. 0. Tansley, C. W. Kollock, H. W. Williams, B. L. Millikin, S. Theobald, J. S. Prout, C. A. Oliver, W. W. Seeley, S. 0. Richey, H. D. Noyes, John Green, F. B. Loring-, R. H. Derby, W. S. Dennett, S. M. Burnett. Adjourned.

S. B. ST. JOHN, Secretary.

Minutes of special meeting.

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