the Local Associations


Devon and Exeter by F. M. Dickinson (Secretary)

and P. Hunter Association lixeter Association of the Devon and Exeter

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and Exeter Association by the

.into being in 1949 atnaicame Jarnation of two older the


Ment a|^VOn Voluntary

Association for Welfare and the Devon and Ex Committee for Education in ha(i k Health. The former, which established in 1917, underlOolc C0Unf statutory duties for Devon Council and was mainly grant it did much valuable Nat; OVer ^e years, but when the Health Act came into force in ?reater part of its functions taken over by the County C The latter body, the Committe ^?r Education in Mental War 'had been set up during the auspices of the Mental t Committee (now siiQc by the N.A.M.H.). rt had drawn together a considerable body of w rS 'n mental health field, ^heth 1 doctors, educationalists or I949 n?Workers, and between 1944 and arranged a number of ?Pen at which problems of irien, health were discussed.










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the funds of the Voluntary Association were Hew A0Ver.' and membership of the all J^Sso'Ciation was thrown open to interested in promoting of j, health. It became the object Partial Ass?eiation to do this in



QQcular by; with Local Authorities y?Perat'ng ?'Untary Societies, in stimulating provision of eiUa^]jernent'n? Health Services, in the

and and


especially mentally ill and subnormal; providing various the




such conferences, courses, lectUre?and centre films; providing for |nfS ?rrnation, and as



from ? ^r?vid

education, propathe field of mental health

age' anc* for those 'n or interested in work e?nne-t >-ted with mental health, whether




meeting ground

or social, and by and developing an interest in this work in the County of Devon and the City of Exeter. There are now just over 100 subscribing members of the local Association, about 35 of whom are also members of the National Association for Mental Health. The Association has from the first been represented on the Mental Health Sub-Committee of Devon County Council and on the Devon Old People's Welfare Committee. It has had close links with the Marriage Guidance Council for Exeter and Devon and is affiliated to the Exeter Council of Social Service. It does not itself undertake case work. The Association took the initiative in founding a League of Friends for one section of the Mental Hospitals in the region and several officers of the Association still take an active part The Association in these activities. also co-operates in the Mental Health National Appeal through its organiser for the West of England.

medical, educational


Club for It




mentally handicapped over




Voluntary Association a small club in North Devon for mentally handi-






Association ran this, with Council grant, till recently.




The club is now being merged with a bigger unit to be provided directly by the County Medical Department. From the first it has been the policy of this Association to provide for the general public, and particularly for key people such as magistrates, teachers, health visitors, probation officers, children's visitors, social workers, and for university and other students, lectures, talks and discussions a on variety of subjects connected with mental health, and these find appreciative audiences. Generally they held in Exeter which, as the are capital of the county, is the best centre, but occasionally meetings have

held in North Devon, and speakers have also been provided for meetings of other organisations. About six Open Meetings are held each year in the autumn and early spring. Invitations are widely distributed and it is found that many visitors attend. The professional staff of the City of Exeter and of the County of Devon have given much valuable help as speakers, but the Association invites many speakers from London and elsewhere. Use is made of films where appropriate and we have found that there now seems a better supply of thoughtful, wellMeetings when produced studies. adult problems are dealt with are, on the whole, less well attended than those concerned with children. been

Meetings organised

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t( J

Women in Prison

Addiction?Alcoholic and Drug


This issue of Mental Hed^1. ] devoted to "Rehabilitation". AU^0. the Devon Association takes no d' { v part in rehabilitation with 1 and their families, it is hoped 1 through its educational work it ^ , < lates thought about mental health ill health, and that in this effective contribution is made the general public and profess1 , workers, and indirectly to the me11'! , ill themselves.



The following are among subjects which attracted large audiences: Brain Washing Film "A Two-Year-Old goes to Hos-


Adolescence The Emotional


The Treatment of Emotionally.., turbed Children in a Child Gi'1" Clinic The Child Guidance Treatm^11 School Phobia Films: "Childhood: The Right otjjJ Child" and "At Least let me Social Maladjustment of Youth Dis

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