[Medicinal plants in France, between pharmacy and herb trade: historical and legislative aspects].

Medicinal plants are registered on the French Pharmacopoeia in its successive editions, the first dated 1818. The edition which is currently in force,...
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World trade in medicinal plants from Spanish America, 1717-1815.
This article outlines the history of the commerce in medicinal plants and plant-based remedies from the Spanish American territories in the eighteenth century. It maps the routes used to transport the plants from Spanish America to Europe and, along

Scutellaria baicalensis, the golden herb from the garden of Chinese medicinal plants.
黄芩是一种常用的药用植物, 中国人对它的使用了已有数千年历史。黄芩根的制备物, 为常用的中药材, 在中国传统医学中用来治疗腹泻、痢疾、高血压、出血、 失眠、炎症和呼吸道感染。黄芩根中主要的活性物质为黄酮物质黄芩苷, 汉黄芩苷及 苷元黄芩素, 汉黄芩素。药理学研究显示这些黄酮物质具有多种药物学活性, 包括抗 癌, 保肝、抗菌、抗病毒、抗氧化、抗惊厥和神经系统保护作用。在本综述里面, 我 们集中介绍了黄芩的临床应用及药物学活性。我们也介绍了用于研究黄芩中活性物质 代谢途径的生物技术及代谢生物学方法。

Micropropagation of Ajuga bracteosa, a medicinal herb.
For conservation and genetic transformation, a successful in vitro micropropagation protocol for Ajuga bracteosa, a medicinal herb has been established for the first time. MS medium supplemented with IAA (2 mg/L) and BA (5 mg/L) induced 100 % shoot r

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Long exposure of UV radiation increases risk of skin diseases such as cancer and photoallergic reactions. UV-B (280-320 nm) radiation is mainly responsible for inducing the skin problems. Skin protection is a suitable method against ultraviolet radia