Medication charts in residential aged-care facilities.

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Design challenges for electronic medication administration record systems in residential aged care facilities: a formative evaluation.
Electronic medication administration record (eMAR) systems are promoted as a potential intervention to enhance medication safety in residential aged care facilities (RACFs). The purpose of this study was to conduct an in-practice evaluation of an eMA

Geriatrician interventions on medication prescribing for frail older people in residential aged care facilities.
In Australian residential aged care facilities (RACFs), the use of certain classes of high-risk medication such as antipsychotics, potent analgesics, and sedatives is high. Here, we examined the prescribed medications and subsequent changes recommend

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Hintergrund: Die Zunahme multiresistenter Erreger (MRE) stellt für die Altenpflege ein großes Problem dar. Ältere Menschen haben eine höhere Infektionsgefährdung durch Multimorbidität und häufige Krankenhausaufenthalte. Ein großer Anteil älterer Mens

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To assess existing advance care planning (ACP) practices in residential aged care facilities (RACFs) in Victoria, Australia before a systematic intervention; to assess RACF staff experience, understanding of and attitudes towards ACP.

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We sought to establish the prevalence and predictors of adequate vitamin D supplement use, as per current falls prevention guidelines in Australian aged care homes. De-identified medication chart data from November 2014 were collected from pharmacist

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Older adults without dementia living in residential care facilities with toileting disability have increased care costs and dependency. Understanding associated factors could guide prevention and management strategies.