[Medical ethics in the undergraduate medical curriculum and in the health care system].

In German speaking areas, in the scientific establishment which is occupied with medical ethics in the narrower and wider senses, a vehement discussio...
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Ethics competences in the undergraduate medical education curriculum: the Spanish experience.
Aim .To investigate if there are differences in medical ethics education between different schools of medicine in Spain, specifically between private and public schools and between recently founded schools and older ones.

A proposal for health care management and leadership education within the UK undergraduate medical curriculum.
Health care management and leadership education is an important gap in the undergraduate medical curriculum. Lack of training promotes poor decision making and may lead to inadequate health services, adversely affecting patients. We propose an integr

Radiology in the Undergraduate Medical Curriculum: Too Little, Too Late?
There is an anecdotal need to increase radiology education in medical school. Surveys were distributed to three medical schools, with a respondency of 55 %. Over 91 % of students believed there should be more radiology teaching in medical school. Stu

Medical ethics and law: assessing the core curriculum.
The Institute of Medical Ethics (IME) has produced a guide to the assessment of medical ethics and law (MEL) in UK medical schools which is available on-line. It complements the work which was carried out in 2010 to up-date the MEL consensus statemen

National undergraduate medical core curriculum in Turkey: evaluation of residents.
There is very little information available on self-perceived competence levels of junior medical doctors with regard to definitions by the National Core Curriculum (NCC) for Undergraduate Medical Education.