MARK-AGE data management: Cleaning, exploration and visualization of data.

Databases are an organized collection of data and necessary to investigate a wide spectrum of research questions. For data evaluation analyzers should...
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Semantic Body Browser: graphical exploration of an organism and spatially resolved expression data visualization.
Advancing technologies generate large amounts of molecular and phenotypic data on cells, tissues and organisms, leading to an ever-growing detail and complexity while information retrieval and analysis becomes increasingly time-consuming. The Semanti

Data Visualization in Sociology.
Visualizing data is central to social scientific work. Despite a promising early beginning, sociology has lagged in the use of visual tools. We review the history and current state of visualization in sociology. Using examples throughout, we discuss

Cross-visit checks are a vital part of data cleaning for longitudinal studies. The nature of longitudinal studies encourages repeatedly collecting the same information. Sometimes, these variables are expected to remain static, go away, increase, or d

Ontologies in biological data visualization.
In computer science, an ontology is essentially a graph-based knowledge representation in which each node corresponds to a concept and each edge specifies a relation between two concepts. Ontological development in biology can serve as a focus to dis

Pattern Visualization of Human Connectome Data.
The human brain is a complex network with countless connected neurons, and can be described as a "connectome". Existing studies on analyzing human connectome data are primarily focused on characterizing the brain networks with a small number of easil

Integrated Visualization of Human Brain Connectome Data.
Visualization plays a vital role in the analysis of multi-modal neuroimaging data. A major challenge in neuroimaging visualization is how to integrate structural, functional and connectivity data to form a comprehensive visual context for data explor

Genome Data Exploration Using Correspondence Analysis.
Recent developments of sequencing technologies that allow the production of massive amounts of genomic and genotyping data have highlighted the need for synthetic data representation and pattern recognition methods that can mine and help discovering

Data Exploration Toolkit for serial diffraction experiments.
Ultrafast diffraction at X-ray free-electron lasers (XFELs) has the potential to yield new insights into important biological systems that produce radiation-sensitive crystals. An unavoidable feature of the `diffraction before destruction' nature of

Interactive Data Exploration with Smart Drill-Down.
We present smart drill-down, an operator for interactively exploring a relational table to discover and summarize "interesting" groups of tuples. Each group of tuples is described by a rule. For instance, the rule (a, b, ⋆, 1000) tells us that there