Case Report Malignant Fibrous Histiocytoma of the Heart Case Report of a Rare Left-Atrial Tumor B. Korbmcc her, C Doering. 11. D. Sc hulte. an d W Hart· Department of Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgery • Departmen t of Path ology. ll E'inrn:h -ll eine -Uni\"ers ity of Duesse jdc rf Germa ny

nw pn-s ont report duscrlbr-s 11m (~U Sl) n£ 11 57 -yea r-old patient with lllaligna nt nbrous histinry iumu uf tim len atrium ope rated uu for II s uspected atria l myxoma . Surw' ry w as per fo rmed as radieally li S possible an d Included resecuun uf the at rial walL Cuntcu l investigation a nd echucu rdillj.,'l'llilhy performed 29 months aner su rgery revealed no slgns of tumor recurrence. I>ill/(Ilos tic procedu res . to pogra phy, pathohistolngy as well as options for therapy are discussed w ith r~a rd to the latest litera ture. A radica l sUrgica l ap proarh T('PT("SCO ts the only effecuve thera peutic measure. Owing to a la r k of sufficie nt expertenre , there is no additional tnc rapecue recommendation on hand. r-ol"ithl"r radiation nor ehr- me the ra pcuuc treatment conr cpu.. ha ve proved ('fficl('nt. Echocardiography represents the besr oxammauon proced ure for both diagnosis and follow-up in pa uents ....i th ca rdiae tumor. Kr )'


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Hea rt tumor - IIisti0111uma

Introd uct ion Pr ima ry ma lignan t tumo rs of the heart a re extre mely ra re a nd a uniform the rapeutic option does not se em to be availa ble. In our clinic. 6 3 patie nts underwent surgery for cardille tum ors betw een 1958 and 1990 with seven of the m bl!ing malig na nt . Among these 7 ma lignant was 1 mali gna nt fibrous histiocytoma. This unexpe cted findin g is presented a nd d iscussed be low. On the basis of histological examination. primary ma lignant fibrou s histiocytoma s ma ke up 10 to 15 % of a ll so fttissue sarcomas . Surgic-al resection of the tum ors repre se nts the endpoint of curative therapy. Ho pi ss and Enzinger (27) re port on 200 patien ts with ma lignan t fibrou s histiocytoma. 196 of these patie nts were treated su rgica lly. Th ere wa s no evidence of metasta ses or local recurrences in 6 3 pati en ts (32 %). One or more local recurren ces occur ed in 51 (211 % ) pa tien ts an d metas tas es oceured in 82 (42 %). With ra dical surgery the prognosis of malignant fibro us sa rco ma with peripheral loca liza tion is considered

Thorne. rurdiovasr'. Surgeon 40 (1'1

Malignant fibrous histiocytoma of the heart--case report of a rare left-atrial tumor.

The present report describes the case of a 57-year-old patient with malignant fibrous histiocytoma of the left atrium operated on for a suspected atri...
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