Malakoplakia of liver: report of two cases.

Malakoplakia is an unusual chronic inflammatory condition characterized by the presence of Michaelis-Gutmann bodies. Patients with malakoplakia often ...
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A pitfall in transrectal prostate biopsy: malakoplakia evaluation of two cases based on the literature review.
Malakoplakia is a rarely seen inflammatory condition that is considered to develop secondary to a chronic Escherichia coli infection. Although malakoplakia usually affects the genitourinary tract, it may also be observed in the colon, stomach, lungs,

Malakoplakia of Proximal Tibia- A Case Report.
Malakoplakia is chronic granulomatous disorder resulting from an abnormal immunological response resulting in accumulation of histiocytes [1].It normally involves the urinary bladder, colon, skin etc. But bone is rarely involved. Only seven cases hav

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Echinococcocal cysts are predominantly located in the right liver. They are usually solitary and asymptomatic, but large cysts can cause compression symptoms.

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