Magnetically controllable wavelength-division-multiplexing fiber coupler.

In this paper, a magnetically controllable wavelength-division-multiplexing (WDM) fiber coupler has been proposed and experimentally demonstrated. A t...
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Magnetically controllable 3D microtissues based on magnetic microcryogels.
Microtissues on the scale of several hundred microns are a promising cell culture configuration resembling the functional tissue units in vivo. In contrast to conventional cell culture, handling of microtissues poses new challenges such as medium exc

Double-clad fiber coupler for partially coherent detection.
Double-clad fibers (DCF) have many advantages in fibered confocal microscopes as they allow for coherent illumination through their core and partially coherent detection through their inner cladding. We report a double-clad fiber coupler (DCFC) made

Hybrid fiber resonator employing LRSPP waveguide coupler for gyroscope.
Polarization error and temperature noise are two main limits to the performance of resonant fiber optic gyroscope (RFOG). To overcome these limits, we demonstrated a hybrid resonator consisting of a polymer-based long-range surface plasmon polariton

Controllable orientation of single silver nanowire using two fiber probes.
We report a strategy for realizing precise orientation of single silver nanowire using two fiber probes. By launching a laser of 980 nm wavelength into the two fibers, single silver nanowire with a diameter of 600 nm and a length of 6.5 μm suspended

Design and fabrication of magnetically functionalized flexible micropillar arrays for rapid and controllable microfluidic mixing.
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All-optical logical gates based on pump-induced resonant nonlinearity in an erbium-doped fiber coupler.
In this paper, we theoretically investigate all-optical logical gates based on the pump-induced resonant nonlinearity in an erbium-doped fiber coupler. The resonant nonlinearity yielded by the optical transitions between the (4)I(15/2) states and (4)

Differential twin receiving fiber-optic magnetic field and electric current sensor utilizing a microfiber coupler.
A magnetic field and electric current meter is proposed based on a differential twin receiving microfiber coupler (MC) sensor. The sensor is fabricated by bonding a MC and an aluminium (Al) wire together. With the small diameter of several micrometer

Highly efficient and perfectly vertical chip-to-fiber dual-layer grating coupler.
A novel high-efficiency silicon-chip-to-fiber grating coupler is investigated here. By introducing a dual layer grating structure with an inter-layer lateral shift to mimic 45° tilted mirror behavior, perfectly vertical coupling is successfully demon

All-fiber fused directional coupler for highly efficient spatial mode conversion.
We model and demonstrate a simple mode selective all-fiber coupler capable of exciting specific higher order modes in two- and few-mode fibres with high efficiency and purity. The coupler is based on inter-modally phase-matching the propagation const

An integrated photoluminescence sensing platform using a single-multi-mode fiber coupler-based probe.
We demonstrate an integrated fiber optic photoluminescence sensing platform using a novel single-multi-mode fiber coupler (SMFC)-based probe with high collection efficiency for fluorescence signals. The SMFC, prepared using fused biconical taper tech