Long-term Outcome of Motor Function in a Child with Moyamoya Disease: A Case Report.

[Purpose] This observational study provides a retrospective description of changes in motor function of a 10 year old child who suffered from motor we...
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Ocular Features and Visual Outcome in Children with Moyamoya Disease and Moyamoya Syndrome: A Case Series.
Moya Moya Disease (MMD) is characterised by idiopathic vasculopathy affecting the terminal internal carotid arteries resulting in the formation of extensive collaterals at the base of the brain, leptomeninges and parenchymal regions with resultant in

Moyamoya disease with neuro-ophthalmic manifestations: a rare case report.
Moyamoya (meaning a hazy puff of smoke) disease (MMD) is a rare, idiopathic, persistent, occlusive cerebrovascular disease involving bilateral progressive stenosis or occlusion of a terminal portion of the internal carotid artery, or a proximal porti

Case Report: A case report of Moyamoya disease in a 36 year old African American woman.
Moyamoya is a rare idiopathic progressive vaso-occlusive disease characterized by irreversible condition of main blood vessels to the brain as they enter into the skull. We present a case of 36 year old African American female presenting to the Out P

Hemorrhage and ischemia in different hemispheres in a child with moyamoya disease: Case report and review of literature.
Hemorrhagic type of moyamoya disease (MMD) is extremely rare in children. Ischemia following hemorrhage is very rare in MMD. There are only 11 reports of mixed-type of MMD, with the patient having both hemorrhage and ischemia in the same hemisphere a

A Case of Homocystinuria Misdiagnosed as Moyamoya Disease: A Case Report.
Homocystinuria is a hereditary disease caused by a defect in the enzymes involved in metabolizing methionine. Homocystinuria can influence many systems and may be mistaken for other diseases, including Moyamoya disease. Here, we report the case of a

Development of moyamoya disease in pregnancy and puerperium: case report.
Progressive moyamoya disease in pregnancy and puerperium has not been reported previously. Here, we present a 39-year-old woman who had been found to have moderate stenosis of right middle cerebral artery (MCA) 4 years prior to her pregnancy, finally

Kimura's Disease: A Case Report in a Child.
Kimura's disease is chronic inflammatory disorder of unknown etiology that most commonly present as painless, unilateral cervical lymphadenopathy, males are more commonly effected than females with 3.5:1-9:1 ratio. Kimura's disease commonly seen in y

Variant angina in moyamoya disease--a correlative etiology and different presentation: a case report.
Moyamoya disease is characterized by progressive steno-occlusive changes of the distal internal carotid and developed collateral vasculature, so called 'moyamoya' vessels at the base of the brain. Variant angina is a rare occurrence in patients with