Letter from the editor Dear reader, This issue of Human Vaccines & Immunotherapeutics starts with the Immunotherapy section containing a product review of the anti-CTLA-4 MAb ipilimumab for treatment of metastatic melanoma (Savoia, p 1092), a review focusing on the safety of attenuated measles virus vectors (Baldo, p 1102), a research article exploring the effect of interferons on dendritic cell therapy of chronic myeloid leukemia (Fl€ orcken, p 1117), and a commentary on the connection between the anti-ErbB2 MAb trastuzumab and cardiomyopathies (Riccio, p 1124). We introduce six articles on Hepatitis B: an analysis of the economic burden of the infection in diabetics (Deshpande, p 1132), four behavioral studies from China assessing vaccination rates at birth in Beijing (Chen, p 1141), vaccine perceptions in adults (Yu, p 1149) and migrant workers (Liu, p 1155) in rural areas, and discrimination of HBV patients in everyday life (Leng, p 1164). Finally, a commentary discusses immune persistence after vaccination in infancy (Lao, p 1172). The Novel Vaccines section presents a review of clinical challenge models for the evaluation of TB vaccines (O’Shea, p 1177), a report on the immune response to a PLGA nanoparticle DNA vaccine for botulinum neurotoxin (Ruwona, p 1188), and two commentaries on multivalent subunit TB vaccines (Guapillo, p 1193) and ricin vaccine development (Brey, p 1196). Four articles on Influenza look at the economic value of pediatric immunization programs (Gibson, p 1202), vaccine effectiveness in preventing H1N1- and H3N2-related hospitalizations (Rondy, p 1217), the role of pharmacies in vaccine coverage (Isenor, p 1225), and safety and immunogenicity of a 2013-4 trivalent vaccine (Shen, p 1229). We introduce an analysis of Rotavirus vaccine compliance and completion in four U.S. states (Calnan, p 1235), an estimation of vaccine effectiveness in Japan (Araki, p 1244), and a Sincerely, Ronald Ellis, PhD Editor-in-Chief Adam Weiss Acquisitions Editor

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study of the vaccine’s impact on coverage of DTP-HepB-Hib in Latin America (Schweitzer, p 1250). Three Licensed Vaccines articles include a systematic review of vaccines’ economic value in Canada (Chit, p 1257), a report on long-term immunogenicity of CYD-TDV dengue vaccine (Velumani, p 1265), and a commentary on the role of genetic polymorphism in pertussis resurgence (Preston, p 1274). Two Public Health articles report on vaccine coverage in splenectomized patients in Italy (Martino, p 1277) and increasing the safety of vaccine delivery (Evans, p 1280). Two Acceptance articles examine attitudes of general practitioners to selfvaccination (Collange, p 1282) and assessment of barriers to childhood vaccination (Niederhauser, p 1293). Finally, we introduce a study of vaccine responses in HIV patients co-infected with CMV, HBV and HCV (Troy, p 1295), a review of immune persistence after Meningococcal MenACWY-CRM vaccination in different age cohorts (Baxter, p 1300), and three commentaries on novel antigen and adjuvant discovery Technology (Grandi, p 1311), the issue of inequitable conduct in Patent enforcement (Chang, p 1318), and compensation claims after complications related to HPV vaccination in Japan (Yuji, p 1321). Our monthly News, Policy and Profiles (NP&P) track offers a selection of the latest news in the field of vaccines and immunotherapeutics. In this section we also regularly publish opinion pieces on timely, interesting and controversial topics related to vaccines and immunotherapeutics, profiles of companies and organizations, as well as portraits of distinguished scientists in our field. Please contact Acquisitions Editor Adam Weiss ([email protected]) with your ideas for commentaries, opinion pieces, profiles and portraits. Your suggestions for and contributions to our N&P&P track are always welcome!

Letter from the editor.

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