Lacosamide cardiac safety: clinical trials in patients with partial-onset seizures.

To evaluate the cardiac safety of adjunctive lacosamide in a large pool of adults with partial-onset seizures (POS)...
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A noninterventional study evaluating the effectiveness and safety of lacosamide added to monotherapy in patients with epilepsy with partial-onset seizures in daily clinical practice: The VITOBA study.
We conducted a 6-month observational study at 112 sites across Germany. Adult patients (≥ 16 years) with POS received lacosamide adjunctive to only one baseline AED. Seizure frequency reduction at the end of the observation period was compared with a

Cardiac safety of tiotropium in patients with COPD: a combined analysis of Holter-ECG data from four randomised clinical trials.
Tiotropium is generally well tolerated; however, there has been debate whether antimuscarinics, particularly tiotropium administered via Respimat(®) Soft Mist(™) Inhaler, may induce cardiac arrhythmias in a vulnerable subpopulation with cardiovascula

Safety of atorvastatin in Asian patients within clinical trials.
Data on statin safety in Asian patients are limited compared with evidence from Western populations.

QTc trial in healthy volunteers.
To determine whether lacosamide prolongs the corrected QT interval (QTc).

Safety of lacosamide in children with refractory partial epilepsy.
The study was carried out to investigate the safety of lacosamide on children with refractory partial epilepsy.

Lacosamide for refractory generalized tonic-clonic seizures of non-focal origin in clinical practice: A clinical and VEEG study.
•7 of 9 patients with GGE reduced ≥ 50% their tonic-clonic seizure frequency on LCM.•All 7 patients remained seizure free for > 1 year, and 2 of them for > 5 years.•In 2 of the 9 patients, both with Juvenile Absence Epilepsy, absences aggravated.•One

Long-term efficacy and safety of lacosamide monotherapy in the treatment of partial-onset seizures: A multicenter evaluation.
The goal of this study is to report the efficacy and tolerability of lacosamide (LCM) monotherapy, as first-line and conversion regimens, in the treatment of patients with partial-onset seizures.