Knowledge, attitude and practices of students about first aid epilepsy seizures management in a Northern Indian City.

Knowledge about epilepsy and its management is not satisfactory among school students in developing countries. The present study was planned to ascert...
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Egyptian students' guardians knowledge, attitude and predictors of negative attitude of epilepsy in Assiut city.
Epilepsy is very prevalent in Egypt, approaching 6.98 per 1000 population. This study was designed to assess the knowledge and attitudes towards epilepsy among guardians of Egyptian high school students.

Knowledge and attitudes of school teachers, preschool teachers and students in teacher training about epilepsy and emergency management of seizures.
School and preschool teachers play a key role in the care of children with epilepsy. Yet, data about their knowledge on epilepsy are scarce.

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Epilepsy and education in developing countries: a survey of school teachers' knowledge about epilepsy and their attitude towards students with epilepsy in Northwestern Nigeria.
Students living with epilepsy still find themselves confronted with social barriers that prevent them from academic achievements.

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Zehirlenmeler ciddi yaklaşım gerektiren ve tedaviye iyi yanıt veren önemli bir halk sağlığı problemidir. Zehirlenme durumlarında uygun ilk yardım hayat kurtarıcı olup, toplumun bütün bireylerinin, her türlü koşulda yapması gereken bir uygulamalar büt

Primary School Managers' Knowledge of and Attitude towards Epilepsy among Children in Erbil City, Iraq.
This study aimed to determine the knowledge and attitudes of primary school managers regarding epilepsy among school children in Erbil City, Iraq.

Knowledge, attitude and practices among Gynecologists regarding Oral Health of expectant mothers of Vadodara City, Gujarat.
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