Hydrodynamics of steady state phloem transport with radial leakage of solute.

Long-distance phloem transport occurs under a pressure gradient generated by the osmotic exchange of water associated with solute exchange in source a...
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Leaf structure in relation to solute transport and phloem loading in Zea mays L.
Small and intermediate (longitudinal) vascular bundles of the Zea mays leaf are surrounded by chlorenchymatous bundle sheaths and consist of one or two vessels, variable numbers of vascular parenchyma cells, and two or more sieve tubes some of which

Phloem transport and drought.
Drought challenges plant water uptake and the vascular system. In the xylem it causes embolism that impairs water transport from the soil to the leaves and, if uncontrolled, may even lead to plant mortality via hydraulic failure. What happens in the

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Experimental evidence and theoretical modeling suggest that piles of confined, high-restitution grains, subject to low-amplitude vibration, can serve as experimentally-accessible analogs for studying a range of liquid-state molecular hydrodynamic pro

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Proton co-transport of sugars in phloem loading.
Loading of (14)C-labelled sugars from the hollow petiole of Ricinus communis L. was stimulated by potassium and by low pH in that both the (14)C-activity and the sugar concentration of phloem sap collected from a nearby incision increased. A pH drop

Modeling solute transport by DLA in soils of northeastern Egypt.
Arid soils in Egypt display large variability in solute transport properties, causing problems in soil management. To characterize this variability, dye infiltration experiments were conducted on four plots representing three main soil types in north

Solvent-Probe Spectra.
Experimental studies of solvation dynamics in liquids invariably ask how changing a solute from its electronic ground state to an electronically excited state affects a solution's dynamics. With traditional time-dependent-fluorescence experiments, th

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A steady-state model of solution flow in a tubular semipermeable membrane is developed for an arbitrary distribution of solute sources and sinks along the translocation path. It is demonstrated that the volume-flow mechanism of phloem transport depen