Historical evolution of the frontal lobe syndrome.

The function of the frontal lobes and the related frontal lobe syndrome have not been described in detail until relatively late in history. Slowly, th...
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Criminal Responsibility of the Frontal Lobe Syndrome.
Beynin birçok bölgesinde olduğu gibi frontal lobdaki hasarlarda da nörolojik defisit ve/veya psikiyatrik bulgular gözlenebilir. Frontal lob sendromu (FLS), prefrontal bölgenin çeşitli sebeplerle hasarlanması sonucu oluşur. Prefrontal bölge hasarların

Frontal mucocele with intracranial extension causing frontal lobe syndrome.
Mucoceles are mucus-containing cysts that form in paranasal sinuses; although mucoceles themselves are benign, this case report highlights the extensive damage they can cause as their expansion may lead to bony erosion and extension of the mucocele i

The frontal lobe and aggression.
Frontal lesions often lead to psychosocial problems. It is not surprising that frontal lobe dysfunctions have been proposed to underlie antisocial behaviour in individuals without apparent lesions. However, physical aggression and violence have never

Frontal lobe tuberculoma.
Tuberculomas are usually infratentorial in children, and supratentorial lesions predominate in adults. We present a 4-year-old girl with multiple seizures, papilloedema and brisk reflexes. On investigation, she was found to have a large left parafalc

Frontal lobe neurology and the creative mind.
Concepts from cognitive neuroscience strongly suggest that the prefrontal cortex (PFC) plays a crucial role in the cognitive functions necessary for creative thinking. Functional imaging studies have repeatedly demonstrated the involvement of PFC in

Diagnosing frontal lobe epilepsy in the ED.
Frontal lobe seizures are a common form of epilepsy. It has a variable presentation and can often be missed in the emergency department (ED). Missing this diagnosis can lead to a delay in treatment and poor outcome for cognitive function. We hereby p

Fantastic confabulation in right frontal lobe epilepsy.
Interictal behavioral symptoms in frontal lobe epilepsy (FLE) are variable and often difficult to discriminate from other localization-related epilepsies.

Reticular Schwannoma of the Frontal Lobe: An Unusual Occurrence.
Schwannoma is a benign peripheral nerve sheath tumor that typically involves cranial nerves of the head and neck region. Intraparenchymal occurrence of this tumor is uncommon. Even rarer in this site is the microcystic/reticular pattern of schwannoma

Cephalic aura after frontal lobe resection.
A cephalic aura is a common sensory aura typically seen in frontal lobe epilepsy. The generation mechanism of cephalic aura is not fully understood. It is hypothesized that to generate a cephalic aura extensive cortical areas need to be excited. We r