Editorial Change in ownership of Environmental Geochemistry and Health ~A very important event has taken place since the publication of our last issue. Ownership has now been transferred to Chapman and Hall Ltd., London. The new publisher is part of International Thomson Publishing (ITP), a global federation of over twenty Thomson companies. Chapman and Hall first emerged in 1830 and until the early years of this century were respected publishers of novels and general books: their list of authors included Charles Dickens, Anthony Trollope, William Thackeray and H. G. Wells. During this century the company has evolved to become a major force in scientific publishing and now produces a large number of excellent journals. This change in ownership is a major development out of which much good will flow. In our first issue of 1995 I will provide more

information on our future. This double issue was assembled under the guest editorship of Dr Bobby G. Wixson of Clemson University. Dr Wixson is well known to all members of SEGH and is a member of the editorial board of EGH. Organisation of the conference which provided the papers we publish this month was also the responsibility of Dr Wixson and we owe him much gratitude for his leadership and hard work. Finally, let me wish every reader a happy and prosperous 1995. Brian E. Davies

Guest Editorial The SEGH international conference on Lead and Other Trace Substances was held in Research T r i J g l e Park, North Carolina, USA in August 1992. The c o n f e r e n c e was s p o n s o r e d by the US Environmental Protection Agency, the International Lead Zinc Research Organization, Southern California Edison, the SEGH and Clemson Univ., South Carolina. Professor Brian Davies gave the keynote address on Trace Elements in the Human Environment: Problems and Risks. Twenty two papers were delivered in four technical sessions and

eighteen papers presented in the poster session. Papers that were subsequently submitted for publication were sent for review by referees and those accepted are published in this issue of the journal. They provide a good insight into the scientific vigour of our society.

Bobby G. Wixson Clemson University, South Carolina, USA

Guest editorial.

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