In the next volume of Environmental Geochemistry and Health, changes will be introduced concerning arrangements for publishing the proceedings of conferences, including those organised under the auspices of the Society for Environmental Geochemistry and Health. Papers presented at conferences usually have a wide appeal but their quality is variable. Invited speakers, especially those giving keynote addresses, may present broad overviews of their subjects. Other speakers are likely to give views of the practitioner rather than the research scientist. Many papers, however, will be more narrow in scope and the manuscripts could have been submitted directly to a journal as a volunteered paper. This makes the task of refereeing such contributions complicated as different norms need to be applied. Yet publication in a journal increases the attraction of a conference, since the proceedings are more easily cited, the papers are referred to in abstracting and similar periodicals, and back issues of a journal are more likely to be browsed through than the pages of an isolated proceedings volume. The journal Environmental Geochemistry and Health is essentially a vehicle for publishing novel and scientifically sound research work. All volunteered papers

are normally reviewed by at least two referees who remain anonymous to the authors. This will continue to be the practice for the four regular issues in each volume which are sent to subscribers. But in addition, we intend to institute a series of supplemental issues containing conference proceedings. These issues will comprise a continuation of the Monograph Series in Environmental Geochemistry and Health. Each new monograph will appear as a supplement to the current journal volume and should be cited as such. The cover will be devised so as to demonstrate the organic link between each supplement and regular issues of the journal. But the page size will generally be smaller (226 x 150 mm). Each supplement will normally have its own editor(s) and editorial committee operating under the general direction of the journal editor. Within each issue, papers containing refereed research results will be differentiated from other papers by a label such as Technical contribution. The contents of these supplements will be listed in the quarterly issues of the journal and subscribers will be able to order the proceedings supplements at a special discount rate.

Brian E. Davies

Guest Editorial

The Society's 7th European Meeting was held from the llth to the 14th of April, 1989, at the Royal Holloway and Bedford New College, Egham, Surrey, the University of London's "Country Campus". The theme of the meeting was Environmental Geochemistry and Health Aspects of Arsenic, Nickel and Other Elements. Some fifty participants came from England, Scotland and Wales, as well as from the USA, Canada, Finland and West Germany. After the presentation of general papers in the morning of Wednesday, 12th April, the afternoon was devoted to nickel. In the evening a poster session, including a buffet dinner, was held. This provided an excellent opportunity for members to meet and to discuss aspects of the presentations, and participants voted the evening a great success. Presentations concerning the environmental geochemistry and health aspects of arsenic were given in the morning of Thursday, 13th April, followed by more

general papers in the afternoon. The scientific sessions were followed by the Conference Dinner. On Friday, 14th April some members participated in a field trip to the Severn Estuary, arranged by Dr Joy Rae of the University of Reading. We are extremely happy that a large number of the presentations given at the meeting have been written up as papers which will appear in this special issue. I personally, should like to thank all the participants, all those who gave papers, presented posters, and those who took part in the discussions both formally and informally, for making the meeting so lively, enjoyable and successful.

M.E. Farago Royal Holloway and Bedford New College Egham, Surrey, UK

Guest editorial.

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