GPR56-Related Polymicrogyria: Clinicoradiologic Profile of 4 Patients.

Bilateral frontoparietal polymicrogyria is an autosomal recessive cortical malformation associated with abnormalities of neuronal migration, white mat...
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4-T fMRI of the motor and sensory cortices in patients with polymicrogyria and epilepsy.
Malformations of cortical development (MCD) are an increasingly recognized cause of medically intractable epilepsy. We assessed the role of fMRI in evaluating the motor and somatosensory cortices, as well as if there is possible reorganization of the

Surgical management of medically refractory epilepsy in patients with polymicrogyria.
Polymicrogyria (PMG) is a malformation of cortical development characterized by formation of an excessive number of small gyri. Sixty percent to 85% of patients with PMG have epilepsy that is refractory to medication, but surgical options are usually

Hemimegalencephaly with polymicrogyria - a case report.
Hemimegalencephaly on magnetic resonance imaging scan (MRI) consists of cortical gray matter almost uniformly abnormal, areas of increased thickness of the cortical gray matter (GM), abnormal gyral patterns, blurring of the grey-white matter transiti

Polymicrogyria: pathology, fetal origins and mechanisms.
Polymicrogyria (PMG) is a complex cortical malformation which has so far defied any mechanistic or genetic explanation. Adopting a broad definition of an abnormally folded or festooned cerebral cortical neuronal ribbon, this review addresses the lite

Acute necrotizing encephalopathy: an underrecognized clinicoradiologic disorder.
Acute necrotizing encephalopathy (ANE) is a rare but distinctive type of acute encephalopathy with global distribution. Occurrence of ANE is usually preceded by a virus-associated febrile illness and ensued by rapid deterioration. However, the causal

Clinicoradiologic evidence of pulmonary lymphatic spread in adult patients with tuberculosis.
The purpose of this study is to evaluate the prevalence and clinicoradiologic characteristics of pulmonary tuberculosis with lymphatic involvement.

Isolated Microtia With Anterior Hemispheric Polymicrogyria.
We report on a male infant who presented with neonatal clonic seizure and was found to have isolated left-sided microtia on clinical examination. Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) of the brain revealed extensive polymicrogyria over the bilateral peris

Indication of Ventricular Assist Device Therapy in Patients with INTERMACS Profile 4-7.
Optimal timing of ventricular assist device (VAD) therapy has been discussed mainly among patients with heart failure dependent on inotrope infusion, but little is known about the indication of VAD therapy among less sick ambulatory patients. Conside

Prenatal and postnatal evaluation of polymicrogyria with band heterotopia.
The coexistence of band heterotopia and polymicrogyria is extremely rare though it has been reported in the presence of corpus callosum anomalies and megalencephaly. We present prenatal and postnatal MRI findings of a rare case of diffuse cortical ma