Government Plans for Young Offenders.

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The Effectiveness of Aftercare for Juvenile and Young Adult Offenders.
This study examined the New Perspectives Aftercare Program (NPAP) for serious juvenile and young adult offenders in The Netherlands. Participants (n = 127) were randomly assigned to NPAP (n = 66) or existing aftercare services ("treatment as usual" [

Serious, Violent Young Offenders in South Africa: Are They Life-Course Persistent Offenders?
Life-course persistent offending contributes greatly to violent offending in any country. South Africa has high rates of violence; this study investigated what proportion of young South African offenders might be identified as life-course persistent,

Deliberate self-harm behavior among young violent offenders.
Deliberate self-harm behavior (DSH) can have profound effects on a person's quality of life, and challenges the health care system. Even though DSH has been associated with aggressive interpersonal behaviors, the knowledge on DSH in persons exhibitin

Dental triage Hydebank Wood Prison and young offenders centre, Belfast.
The aim of this study was to devise and test a triage protocol to prioritise patients' dental needs in a prison environment. Secondary aims were to include in the triage process oral health promotion and information about accessing prison dental serv

Improving Negative Emotion Recognition in Young Offenders Reduces Subsequent Crime.
Children with antisocial behaviour show deficits in the perception of emotional expressions in others that may contribute to the development and persistence of antisocial and aggressive behaviour. Current treatments for antisocial youngsters are limi