Global Calibration of Multiple Cameras Based on Sphere Targets.

Global calibration methods for multi-camera system are critical to the accuracy of vision measurement. Proposed in this paper is such a method based o...
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A Global Calibration Method for Widely Distributed Cameras Based on Vanishing Features.
This paper presents a global calibration method for widely distributed vision sensors in ring-topologies. Planar target with two mutually orthogonal groups of parallel lines is needed for each camera. Firstly, the relative pose of each camera and its

Calibration of action cameras for photogrammetric purposes.
The use of action cameras for photogrammetry purposes is not widespread due to the fact that until recently the images provided by the sensors, using either still or video capture mode, were not big enough to perform and provide the appropriate analy

Simultaneous Calibration: A Joint Optimization Approach for Multiple Kinect and External Cameras.
Camera calibration is a crucial problem in many applications, such as 3D reconstruction, structure from motion, object tracking and face alignment. Numerous methods have been proposed to solve the above problem with good performance in the last few d

Extrinsic Calibration of Camera Networks Using a Sphere.
In this paper, we propose a novel extrinsic calibration method for camera networks using a sphere as the calibration object. First of all, we propose an easy and accurate method to estimate the 3D positions of the sphere center w.r.t. the local camer

Correction and verification of AECL Bonner Sphere response matrix based on mono-energetic neutron calibration performed at NPL.
The AECL Bonner Sphere Spectrometer (BSS) was taken to National Physical Laboratory (NPL) for calibration in mono-energetic neutron fields and bare (252)Cf neutron fields. The mono-energetic radiations were performed using ISO-8529 prescribed neutron

Design of Endoscopic Capsule With Multiple Cameras.
In order to reduce the miss rate of the wireless capsule endoscopy, in this paper, we propose a new system of the endoscopic capsule with multiple cameras. A master-slave architecture, including an efficient bus architecture and a four level clock ma

Efficient gradient calibration based on diffusion MRI.
To propose a method for calibrating gradient systems and correcting gradient nonlinearities based on diffusion MRI measurements.

Extrinsic Calibration of Camera Networks Based on Pedestrians.
In this paper, we propose a novel extrinsic calibration method for camera networks by analyzing tracks of pedestrians. First of all, we extract the center lines of walking persons by detecting their heads and feet in the camera images. We propose an

Structural Parameters Calibration for Binocular Stereo Vision Sensors Using a Double-Sphere Target.
Structural parameter calibration for the binocular stereo vision sensor (BSVS) is an important guarantee for high-precision measurements. We propose a method to calibrate the structural parameters of BSVS based on a double-sphere target. The target,

Allele frequency calibration for SNP based genotyping of DNA pools: A regression based local-global error fusion method.
The costs associated with developing high density microarray technologies are prohibitive for genotyping animals when there is low economic value associated with a single animal (e.g. prawns). DNA pooling is an attempt to address this issue by combin