Generalized model of island biodiversity.

The dynamics of a local community of competing species with weak immigration from a static regional pool is studied. Implementing the generalized comp...
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How maladaptation can structure biodiversity: eco-evolutionary island biogeography.
Current research on eco-evolutionary dynamics is mainly concerned with understanding the role of rapid (or 'contemporary') evolution in structuring ecological patterns. We argue that the current eco-evolutionary research program, which focuses largel

Generalized Allee effect model.
The Allee effect consists of a positive correlation between very small population size and fitness. Offering a new view point on the weak and strong demographic Allee effect, we propose to combine them with the Richards growth model. In particular, a

Identification, rearing, and distribution of stick insects of Madeira Island: an example of raising biodiversity awareness.
Two species of stick insects are currently known to be present in the Macaronesian archipelagos: Clonopsis gallica (Charpentier) (Phasmatodea: Bacillidae) on the Canary Islands and in the Azores and Carausius morosus (Sinéty) (Phasmatidae) in the Azo

A generalized mechanistic codon model.
Models of codon evolution have attracted particular interest because of their unique capabilities to detect selection forces and their high fit when applied to sequence evolution. We described here a novel approach for modeling codon evolution, which

The Island Hospice model of palliative care.
There has been a substantial increase in cancer detections in Africa over years, and it has also been noted that higher number of individuals are affected by the later stages of cancer that lead to death. When it comes to cancer care, Zimbabwe is no

Future climate change driven sea-level rise: secondary consequences from human displacement for island biodiversity.
Sea-level rise (SLR) due to global warming will result in the loss of many coastal areas. The direct or primary effects due to inundation and erosion from SLR are currently being assessed; however, the indirect or secondary ecological effects, such a

Generalized Hertz model for bimodal nanomechanical mapping.
Bimodal atomic force microscopy uses a cantilever that is simultaneously driven at two of its eigenmodes (resonant modes). Parameters associated with both resonances can be measured and used to extract quantitative nanomechanical information about th

A generalized model for predicting postcompletion errors.
A postcompletion error is a type of procedural error that occurs after the main goal of a task has been accomplished. There is a strong theoretical foundation accounting for postcompletion errors (Altmann & Trafton, 2002; Byrne & Bovair, 1997). This

Preliminary support for a generalized arousal model of political conservatism.
It is widely held that negative emotions such as threat, anxiety, and disgust represent the core psychological factors that enhance conservative political beliefs. We put forward an alternative hypothesis: that conservatism is fundamentally motivated

Towards breed formation by island model divergence in Korean cattle.
The main cattle breed in Korea is the brown Hanwoo, which has been under artificial selection within a national breeding program for several decades. Varieties of the Hanwoo known as Jeju Black and Chikso were not included in the breeding program and