Topics in Compan An Med 28 (2013) 73

Foreword I am thrilled to be the Guest Editor for this issue of Topics in Companion Animal Medicine. This issue focuses on Respiratory Diagnostics and Therapeutics in the emergency room and critical care units. First, Drs Elizabeth Rozanski and Claire Sharp discuss physical examination of the respiratory system. Next, Dr Teresa Rieser describes how to interpret arterial and venous blood gases to guide respiratory therapy. Dr Stacy Meola delves into a topic near to my heart, brachycephalic airway disease. The article by Dr Maureen Finke describes how to perform transtracheal wash and bronchoalveolar lavage. Nasal hydropulsion is a technique that was first published by Dr Ashbaugh as a newer method of debulking nasal tumors. Her article shows that this can be a valuable tool in the emergency room for the removal of nasal foreign bodies. The next article by Dr Matthew Beal reveals how patients' quality of life can be improved with the use of tracheal stenting. Benefits, risks, and

potential complications are described to aid in determining which patients may benefit from tracheal stent placement. When the need for tracheostomy occurs on emergency, one must be prepared. The surgical approach, equipment needed, maintenance, and potential risks of temporary tracheostomy are discussed. Finally, Dr Matthew Mellema's article on ventilator waveforms is a must read for any person involved in managing a critical patient on a ventilator. It has been a pleasure working with this esteemed group of brilliant veterinarians, and it is my hope that the information contained within will help us all save more lives.

Elisa M. Mazzaferro, MS, DVM, PhD, DACVECC Staff Criticalist Cornell University Veterinary Specialists, Stamford, CT USA

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Foreword. Respiratory diagnostics and therapeutics.

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