Fetus in fetu: report of two cases.

Fetus-in-fetu (FIF) is a rare and interesting entity characterized byincorporation of a malformed, monozygotic, diamnionic parasitic twin into the bod...
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Fetus-in-fetu: a pediatric rarity.
Fetus-in-fetu (FIF) is a rare entity resulting from abnormal embryogenesis in diamniotic monochorionic twins, being first described by Johann Friedrich Meckel (1800s). This occurs when a vertebrate fetus is enclosed in a normally growing fetus. Clini

Fetus in fetu: an institutional experience.
The objective of this article is to present an analysis of cases of fetus in fetu (FIF) diagnosed at our institute and to compare our data to that of the published literature. This is a retrospective analysis of cases of FIF diagnosed at our institut

Conservative management of fetus papyraceus: a report of two cases.
The term fetus papyraceus is used to describe a mummified fetus associated with multiple gestations where one fetus dies and is flattened between the membranes of living fetus and uterine wall. Though the maternal and fetal complications in affected

Prenatally diagnosed retroperitoneal fetus-in-fetu with ipsilateral testicular atrophy: a case report.
We report a case of prenatally diagnosed Fetus-in-fetu (FIF) residing in the left retro-peritoneum in a 2-week-old neonate which was also associated with ipsilateral testicular atrophy. A comparison of features differentiating FIF from a retroperiton

Fetus-in-Fetu: Mimicking as Teratoma on Antenatal Ultrasound.
Fetus-in-fetu is a rare and unusual condition. In this condition, a malformed parastitc fetal twin develops inside the body of another fetus, most commonly in the abdominal cavity. We present a case which was thought to be a teratoma on antenatal ult

Fetus in Fetu: Case Report and Brief Review of Literature on Embryologic Origin, Clinical Presentation, Imaging and Differential Diagnosis.
Fetus in fetu (FIF) is a rare entity in which a malformed diamniotic monochorionic parasitic fetal twin develops inside a normal co-twin's body, most commonly in the abdominal cavity. FIF is differentiated from the teratoma by the presence of vertebr

Malakoplakia of liver: report of two cases.
Malakoplakia is an unusual chronic inflammatory condition characterized by the presence of Michaelis-Gutmann bodies. Patients with malakoplakia often have an immunodeficiency state. It is believed that malakoplakia results from a defective macrophage