Factors associated with the nutritional status of children less than 5 years of age.

OBJECTIVE To analyze if the nutritional status of children aged less than five years is related to the biological conditions of their mothers, environ...
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[BCG vaccination: survey among children less than 5 years of age in an emergency department].
France is a country with a low incidence of tuberculosis. However, there are important local variations: some parts of the city of Marseilles (southern France) presented a yearly incidence greater than 30/100,000 in 2010. The main goal of this study

Surveillance for rotavirus gastroenteritis in children less than 5 years of age in Togo.
Rotavirus is the most common cause of severe gastroenteritis and dehydration in young children in both industrialized and developing countries. The anticipated introduction of rotavirus vaccine into Togo's national immunization program highlights the

Influenza-associated outpatient visits among children less than 5 years of age in eastern China, 2011-2014.
The disease burden of influenza in China has not been well described, especially among young children. The aim of this study was to estimate the incidence of outpatient visits associated with influenza in young children in Suzhou, a city of more than

Role of Enterotoxigenic Bacteroides fragilis in Children Less Than 5 Years of Age With Diarrhea in Tabriz, Iran.
Diarrhea is the most frequent health problem among children in developing countries. Defining the etiology of acute diarrhea is critical to disease therapy and prevention. Some anaerobic bacteria such as Enterotoxigenic Bacteroides fragilis (ETBF) st

Factors associated with stunting in healthy children aged 5 years and less living in Bangui (RCA).
Stunting remains a major public health concern worldwide. Although its global prevalence is slowly decreasing, the actual number of affected children is still rising in Sub-Saharan Africa. In the Central African Republic (CAR), about one third of all

Bacterial load of pneumococcal serotypes correlates with their prevalence and multiple serotypes is associated with acute respiratory infections among children less than 5 years of age.
Among pneumococcal serotypes, some serotypes are more prevalent in the nasopharynx than others; determining factors for higher prevalence remain to be fully explored. As non-vaccine serotypes have emerged after the introduction of 7-valent conjugate

Enteropathogens in children less than 5 years of age with acute diarrhea: a 5-year surveillance study in the Southeast Coast of China.
Diarrhea is the second most common cause of death among children less than 5 years of age worldwide. The etiological agents of diarrhea in the southeast coastal area of China were studied from July 2009 to December 2014.

Nutrition interventions for children aged less than 5 years following natural disasters: a systematic review.
The objective of this paper was to review various nutritional interventions targeted at under-five children in countries that had suffered from natural disasters and to analyse their effect on nutrition-related outcomes.