Factors associated with having less than 20 natural teeth in rural adults: a cross-sectional study.

Some systematic reviews have consistently indicated a positive link between Metabolic syndrome, impairedfasting glucose, all-cause or circulatory dise...
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Factors associated with the nutritional status of children less than 5 years of age.
OBJECTIVE To analyze if the nutritional status of children aged less than five years is related to the biological conditions of their mothers, environmental and socioeconomic factors, and access to health services and social programs.METHODS This cro

Older adults' affective experiences across 100 days are less variable and less complex than younger adults'.
Older adults are often described as being more emotionally competent than younger adults, and higher levels of affect complexity are seen as an indicator of this competence. We argue, however, that once age differences in affect variability are taken

Factors associated with having a usual source of care in an ethnically diverse sample of Asian American adults.
Despite significant population increases, how Asian Americans ethnic subgroups vary in having a usual source of care (USC) is poorly understood.

Factors Associated with Tooth Loss in Older Adults in Rural Colorado.
The purpose of this paper is to examine factors that are associated with tooth loss in older adults living in the San Luis Valley (SLV), Colorado, which is a rural and large geographical area (roughly the size of Connecticut) that has a large populat

Risk factors associated with a breast cancer in a population of Moroccan women whose age is less than 40 years: a case control study.
Breast cancer is the most common cancer in morocco women were it occupies the first place in term of incidence and mortality. The aim of the present paper is to evaluate the risk factors associated with a breast cancer in a population of Moroccan wom

Pattern and factors associated with utilization of dental services among older adults in rural Victoria.
In Australia, rural and regional areas have an increased proportion of older people who are ageing more rapidly than their metropolitan counterparts. This increase in the ageing population and its uneven geographic distribution is likely to pose an o

Environmental Factors Associated With Social Participation of Older Adults Living in Metropolitan, Urban, and Rural Areas: The NuAge Study.
We compared the social participation of older adults living in metropolitan, urban, and rural areas, and identified associated environmental factors.

Prevalence of and factors associated with homebound status among adults in urban and rural Spanish populations.
There is a marked growth in the number of homebound older adults, due mainly to increased life expectancy. Although this group has special characteristics and needs, it has not been properly studied. This study thus aimed to measure the prevalence of

Factors associated with adults' perceived need to vaccinate against hepatitis B in rural China.
Hepatitis B virus (HBV) infection is a serious public-health issue in China. While the hepatitis B vaccine is effective in preventing HBV infection, the HBV vaccination coverage rates among Chinese adults remain low. From a survey of rural adults fro

Obstructive sleep apnea patients having surgery are less associated with glaucoma.
Objective. To investigate if different treatment strategy of obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) was associated glaucoma risk in Taiwanese population. Methods. Population-based retrospective cohort study was conducted using data sourced from the Longitudin