Evidence that birds sleep in mid-flight.

Many birds fly non-stop for days or longer, but do they sleep in flight and if so, how? It is commonly assumed that flying birds maintain environmenta...
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Epidemiological evidence that garden birds are a source of human salmonellosis in England and Wales.
The importance of wild bird populations as a reservoir of zoonotic pathogens is well established. Salmonellosis is a frequently diagnosed infectious cause of mortality of garden birds in England and Wales, predominantly caused by Salmonella enterica

Sleep and memory in mammals, birds and invertebrates.
Sleep supports memory consolidation. Based on studies in mammals, sleep-dependent consolidation has been conceptualized as 'active system consolidation'. During waking, information is encoded into an initial store (hippocampus). During subsequent sle

Physiological evidence that anthropogenic woodlots can substitute for native riparian woodlands as stopover habitat for migrant birds.
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Eocene fossil is earliest evidence of flower-visiting by birds.
Birds are important pollinators, but the evolutionary history of ornithophily (bird pollination) is poorly known. Here, we report a skeleton of the avian taxon Pumiliornis from the middle Eocene of Messel in Germany with preserved stomach contents co

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First evidence of bryophyte diaspores in the plumage of transequatorial migrant birds.
Correlations between transequatorial migratory bird routes and bipolar biogeographic disjunctions in bryophytes suggest that disjunctions between northern and southern high latitude regions may result from bird-mediated dispersal; supporting evidence