Effect of enzyme concentration, addition of water and incubation time on increase in yield of starch from potato.

Enzymatic treatment process for starch extraction from potato was investigated using cellulase enzyme and compared with conventional process. The effe...
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Effect of citric acid concentration and hydrolysis time on physicochemical properties of sweet potato starches.
Physicochemical properties of citric acid treated sweet potato starches were investigated in the present study. Sweet potato starch was hydrolyzed using citric acid with different concentrations (1 and 5%) and time periods (1 and 11 h) at 45 °C and w

Preparation of cold water-soluble potato starch and its characterization.
Alcoholic-alkaline treatment of starch results in granular cold water-soluble starch. The nature of structural alterations occurred in starch due to the treatment is however relatively vague. Potato starch was treated at various alcoholic-alkali cond

Effect of acid concentration and treatment time on acid-alcohol modified jackfruit seed starch properties.
The properties of starch extracted from jackfruit (Artocarpus heterophyllus Lam.) seeds, collected from west Assam after acid-alcohol modification by short term treatment (ST) for 15-30min with concentrated hydrochloric acid and long term treatment (

Biomechanical Performances of Networked Polyethylene Glycol Diacrylate: Effect of Photoinitiator Concentration, Temperature, and Incubation Time.
Nutrient conduit networks can be introduced within the Polyethylene Glycol Diacrylate (PEGDA) tissue construct to enable cells to survive in the scaffold. Nutrient conduit networks can be created on PEGDA by macrochannel to nanochannel fabrication te

Effect of lime concentration on gelatinized maize starch dispersions properties.
Maize starch was lime-cooked at 92 °C with 0.0-0.40% w/w Ca(OH)2. Optical micrographs showed that lime disrupted the integrity of insoluble remnants (ghosts) and increased the degree of syneresis of the gelatinized starch dispersions (GSD). The parti

Effect of temperature-cycled retrogradation on in vitro digestibility and structural characteristics of waxy potato starch.
The effects of temperature-cycled retrogradation treatment on the structural characteristics and in vitro digestibility of waxy potato starch were investigated in this study. The results showed that the maximum yield of slowly digestible starch (SDS)

Effect of Hydroxypropylation on Functional Properties of Different Cultivars of Sweet Potato Starch in Sri Lanka.
Starches obtained from different cultivars of sweet potatoes commonly consumed in Sri Lanka, were chemically modified with hydroxypropyl substitution, to analyze the changes in the physicochemical properties. Significant changes (P < 0.05) in the cru

Effect of Maltodextrins on the Rheological Properties of Potato Starch Pastes and Gels.
The study examines the effects of maltodextrins saccharified to various degrees on some rheological properties of potato starch dispersions. Pasting characteristics, flow curves, and mechanical spectra were determined for native potato starch and for

Quality of shrimp analogue product as affected by addition of modified potato starch.
The present study was aimed to investigate the effects of addition of modified potato starch on the biochemical and textural properties of shrimp analogue/imitation shrimp, a popular value-added product prepared from surimi. Three batches of shrimp a

Influence of heating time and pressure treatment of potato starch on the generation of radicals: EPR studies.
The influence of heating time and pressurizing time under pressure of 1 GPa on radicals generation in potato starch polymer was investigated by EPR. Potato starch was heated at two temperatures: 413 ± 2 K (140 °C) and 473 ± 2 K (200 °C) for 15, 30, 6