Effect of cadmium toxicity on Vertebrates.

This short article reviews the effect of the toxicity of the heavy metal, cadmium, which, as a contaminant of freshwater, is a threat to human health ...
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Inhibition effect of glyphosate on the acute and subacute toxicity of cadmium to earthworm Eisenia fetida.
The acute and subacute toxicities of cadmium (Cd) to earthworm Eisenia fetida in the presence and absence of glyphosate were studied. Although Cd is highly toxic to E. fetida, the presence of glyphosate markedly reduced the acute toxicity of Cd to ea

Combined effects of cadmium and salinity on juvenile Takifugu obscurus: cadmium moderates salinity tolerance; salinity decreases the toxicity of cadmium.
Obscure puffer Takifugu obscurus, a species of anadromous fish, experiences several salinity changes in its lifetime. Cadmium (Cd) is a toxic heavy metal that can potentially induce oxidative stress in fish. The present study aimed to detect the comb

Interplay of calcium and cadmium in mediating cadmium toxicity.
The environmentally important toxic metal, cadmium, exists as the Cd(2+) ion in biological systems, and in this state structurally resembles Ca(2+). Thus, although cadmium exerts a broad range of adverse actions on cells by virtue of its propensity t

Toxicity of oral cadmium intake: Impact on gut immunity.
Gastrointestinal tract is one of the main targets of cadmium (Cd), an important food and drinking water contaminant. In the present study, the effect of subchronic (30 days) oral (in water) intake of 5ppm and 50ppm of cadmium on immune responses in t

The Protective Effect of Selenium on the Chicken Pancreas against Cadmium Toxicity via Alleviating Oxidative Stress and Autophagy.
Cadmium (Cd) is a highly toxic heavy metal that can affect human and animal health. Selenium (Se) is an essential microelement that can protect various organs against toxic heavy metals. Although many studies have investigated the adverse effect of C

Cadmium toxicity and treatment: An update.
Cadmium poisoning has been reported from many parts of the world. It is one of the global health problems that affect many organs and in some cases it can cause deaths annually. Long-term exposure to cadmium through air, water, soil, and food leads t

Protective effect of dietary chitosan on cadmium accumulation in rats.
Cadmium is a toxic metal that is an occupational and environmental concern especially because of its human carcinogenicity; it induces serious adverse effects in various organs and tissues. Even low levels of exposure to cadmium could be harmful owin

Thymoquinone therapy abrogates toxic effect of cadmium on rat testes.
The protective effect of thymoquinone was investigated against cadmium-induced testicular toxicity in rats. Testicular toxicity was induced by a single intraperitoneal (i.p.) injection of cadmium chloride (2 mg kg(-1) ). Thymoquinone treatment (10 mg

Effect of Occupational Cadmium Exposure on Parathyroid Gland.
Cadmium (Cd) is used in many industries. High-level exposure is associated with severe kidney and bone damage.

Meta-analysis of cellular toxicity for cadmium-containing quantum dots.
Understanding the relationships between the physicochemical properties of engineered nanomaterials and their toxicity is critical for environmental and health risk analysis. However, this task is confounded by material diversity, heterogeneity of pub