Journal of Chemical Ecology, Vo/. 21, No. 7, 1995

Editors' Note

The papers in this issue were presented at the 1 lth Annual Meeting of the International Society of Chemical Ecology, Inc. (ISCE), held in Syracuse, New York, June 4-8, 1994. The meeting was organized and hosted by R.M. Silverstein, John Simeone, and Francis X. Webster, and it marked the 20th anniversary of the founding, and editorship, of the Journal of Chemical Ecology by Milt Silverstein and John Simeone. We thank Fran Webster for serving as the Guest Editor for these papers. Fran took charge of soliciting typed copies, having each paper peer reviewed, requesting revisions, and attending to most of the little details of preparing manuscripts for the printer and publisher. We are sure that Fran would want us to recognize and thank Eleanor Zaccaria, who helped with the editorial duties of this issue, and served as secretary for the journal for Milt and John for 20 years. In addition we thank our secretary here in Gainesville, Lori Clark, who also contributed to this issue. Milt and John were very forward looking when they founded the Journal of Chemical Ecology in 1974. They subsequently were major forces in the development of the field of chemical ecology, especially in maintaining high standards of scholarship and excellence in the papers published for 20 years in the Journal of Chemical Ecology. We are confident the 12 papers in this issue are in that tradition of excellence, and are a worthy tribute to honor Robert Milton Silverstein and John B. Simeone, Founding Editors of the Journal of

Chemical Ecology. James L. Nation David A. Jones

Editors, Journal of Chemical Ecology

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Editors' note.

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