Journal of Chemical Ecology, Vol. 12, No. 5, 1986

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The field of chemical ecology considers chemical-biological interactions in the context of the organism's surrounding environment. As techniques become increasingly sophisticated, we are able to probe more deeply into the chemical, biochemical, and genetic basis of these interactions. The International Society of Chemical Ecology, founded in 1983, is a forum for the discussion of the latest developments in this field: an area wherein the subject of chemical ecology is the focal point that brings together scientists regardless of the system in which they work (e.g., plant or animal, terrestrial or marine). When the second annual meeting of the International Society of Chemical Ecology convened in Madison, Wisconsin on June 8-12, 1985, four symposia highlighted recent progress in various aspects of chemical ecology. These were: Marine Chemical Ecology, Chemical Aspects of Symbiosis, Behavioral Adaptations to Chemical Cues, and the Evolutionary Ecology of Chemical Defense in Insects. The Journal of Chemical Ecology, as the official journal of the society, is dedicating this issue to the proceedings of those symposia. Each paper has undergone peer review in accordance with the standard review policy of the Journal. We are especially grateful to symposium moderators: D. Rittschof, D. Norris, W. Burkholder, and J. Pasteels; and to reviewers: E.A. Bernays, M.S. Blum, M.D. Bowers, W.E.S. Carr, L.S. Ciereszko, S.S. Duffey, W.B. Heed, T. Jermy, G.W. Ordal, J.G. Rodriguez, G.G.E. Scudder, and R.A. Werner. We acknowledge the cooperation of Plenum Publishing Corporation in producing extra copies of this issue to accommodate registrants of the symposium and others interested in the proceedings under this single cover. R. M. Silverstein J. B. Simeone, Editors

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Editors' note.

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