DPSynthesizer: Differentially Private Data Synthesizer for Privacy Preserving Data Sharing.

Differential privacy has recently emerged in private statistical data release as one of the strongest privacy guarantees. Releasing synthetic data tha...
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Scalable privacy-preserving data sharing methodology for genome-wide association studies.
The protection of privacy of individual-level information in genome-wide association study (GWAS) databases has been a major concern of researchers following the publication of "an attack" on GWAS data by Homer et al. (2008). Traditional statistical

Scalable privacy-preserving data sharing methodology for genome-wide association studies: an application to iDASH healthcare privacy protection challenge.
In response to the growing interest in genome-wide association study (GWAS) data privacy, the Integrating Data for Analysis, Anonymization and SHaring (iDASH) center organized the iDASH Healthcare Privacy Protection Challenge, with the aim of investi

Privacy Risks from Genomic Data-Sharing Beacons.
The human genetics community needs robust protocols that enable secure sharing of genomic data from participants in genetic research. Beacons are web servers that answer allele-presence queries--such as "Do you have a genome that has a specific nucle

Privacy-Preserving Data Exploration in Genome-Wide Association Studies.
Genome-wide association studies (GWAS) have become a popular method for analyzing sets of DNA sequences in order to discover the genetic basis of disease. Unfortunately, statistics published as the result of GWAS can be used to identify individuals p

Preserving temporal relations in clinical data while maintaining privacy.
Maintaining patient privacy is a challenge in large-scale observational research. To assist in reducing the risk of identifying study subjects through publicly available data, we introduce a method for obscuring date information for clinical events a

Privacy preserving data anonymization of spontaneous ADE reporting system dataset.
To facilitate long-term safety surveillance of marketing drugs, many spontaneously reporting systems (SRSs) of ADR events have been established world-wide. Since the data collected by SRSs contain sensitive personal health information that should be