Do speed cameras reduce collisions?

We investigated the effects of speed cameras along a 26 mile segment in metropolitan Phoenix, Arizona. Motor vehicle collisions were retrospectively i...
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Numerous signalized intersections worldwide have been equipped with enforcement cameras in order to tackle red light running and often also to enforce speed limits. However, various impact evaluation studies of red light cameras (RLCs) showed an incr

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Overt vs. covert speed cameras in combination with delayed vs. immediate feedback to the offender.
Speeding is a major problem in road safety because it increases both the probability of accidents and the severity of injuries if an accident occurs. Speed cameras are one of the most common speed enforcement tools. Most of the speed cameras around t

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The present study evaluates the traffic safety effect of combined speed and red light cameras at 253 signalized intersections in Flanders, Belgium that were installed between 2002 and 2007.

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Impact characteristics of a vehicle population in low speed front to rear collisions.
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