Dioctophymiasis: A Rare Case Report.

Dioctophyma renale commonly known as "giant kidney worm' is found in the kidney of carnivorous mammals. Human infestation is rare, but results in dest...
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The term 'AINHUM' is derived from the African word meaning 'to saw or cut'. True ainhum otherwise called dactylolysis spontanea is a condition involving soft tissue or digits with constricting rings commonly presenting in fifth toes, usually bilatera

Melorheostosis: a rare entity: a case report.
Melorheostosis is a rare entity belonging to the group of sclerotic bone dysplasias. Described for the first time in 1922 by Leri, it remains imperfectly known as clinical presentations are highly variable, and the etiological diagnosis is not fully

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Chorangioma is a nontrophoblastic benign vascular tumour of the placenta, arising from the primitive chorionic mesenchyme. The clinical significance is related to the size of the tumours. Small chorangiomas, with a frequency of about 1%, are often as

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Uveal tract encomprise melanomas of the iris, ciliary body and the choroid. The choroid melanomas are more frequent to occur in comparison to iris and ciliary body melanomas. Choroid melanoma though rare, is the most common occurring intraocular mali