Demographic and angiographic profile in premature cases of acute coronary syndrome: analysis of 820 young patients from South India.

Prevalence of acute coronary syndrome in young individuals is increasing progressively. Previous studies have focused on the analysis of risk factors ...
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Clinical Profile with Angiographic Correlation in Naïve Acute Coronary Syndrome.
Despite cardiovascular diseases having grown to epidemic proportions, there are few studies from India pertaining to Acute Coronary Syndrome (ACS), more so from the region of Purvanchal which is less developed with more poverty. Our study is first of

Comparitive angiographic profile in diabetic and non-diabetic patients with acute coronary syndrome.
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Although numerous risk factors have been established to predict the development of acute coronary syndrome (ACS), the risk factor profile may be different between the younger and older individuals.

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Thyroid hormone has the a major role in the cardiovascular system function and cardiac a As well as to maintain the cardiovascular homeostasis A slightly change ind thyroid status actually affects cardiovascular mortality hemodynamic. The background

Relationship of serum uric Acid level and angiographic severity of coronary artery disease in male patients with acute coronary syndrome.
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Association of Serum Prealbumin with Angiographic Severity in Patients with Acute Coronary Syndrome.
BACKGROUND Serum prealbumin (PA), which is a nutritional index, has been found to be associated with severities and prognoses of various diseases. However, there are no reports about the relationship between PA and angiographic severity of coronary a

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The association between depression and cardiovascular disease severity in younger patients has not been assessed, and sex differences are unknown. We assessed whether major depression and depressive symptoms were associated with worse cardiovascular