Data matters.

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Adherence to Measuring What Matters Measures Using Point-of-Care Data Collection Across Diverse Clinical Settings.
Measuring What Matters (MWM) for palliative care has prioritized data collection efforts for evaluating quality in clinical practice. How these measures can be implemented across diverse clinical settings using point-of-care data collection on qualit

Place matters: the problems and possibilities of spatial data in electronic health records.
Research has shown that "place matters" in health and illness. Climate, pollution and crime are examples of geographically specific social and environmental factors that can substantially impact health. However, health care decision-making and practi

Symmetry matters.
985 I. 985 II. 986 III. 987 IV. 988 V. 989 989 References 989 SUMMARY: The development of multicellular organisms depends on correct establishment of symmetry both at the whole-body scale and within individual tissues and organs. Setting up planes of