Copper-catalyzed propargylic substitution of dichloro substrates: enantioselective synthesis of trisubstituted allenes and formation of propargylic quaternary stereogenic centers.

An easy and versatile Cu-catalyzed propargylic substitution process is presented. Using easily prepared prochiral dichloro substrates, readily availab...
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Highly enantioselective copper-catalyzed propargylic substitution of propargylic acetates with 1,3-dicarbonyl compounds.
A chiral tridentate ketimine P,N,N-ligand has been successfully applied in the copper-catalyzed enantioselective propargylic substitution of propargylic acetates with a variety of β-dicarbonyl compounds, in which excellent enantioselectivities (up to

Borylation of propargylic substrates by bimetallic catalysis. Synthesis of allenyl, propargylic, and butadienyl Bpin derivatives.
Bimetallic Pd/Cu and Pd/Ag catalytic systems were used for borylation of propargylic alcohol derivatives. The substrate scope includes even terminal alkynes. The reactions proceed stererospecifically with formal SN2' pathways to give allenyl boronate

phosphoramide hybrid catalysts.
The diastereo- and enantioselective propargylic alkylation of propargylic alcohols with E-enecarbamates in the presence of a catalytic amount of thiolate-bridged diruthenium complexes bearing an optically active phosphoramide moiety gives the corresp

Enantioselective synthesis of boron-substituted quaternary carbon stereogenic centers through NHC-catalyzed conjugate additions of (pinacolato)boron units to enones.
The first examples of Lewis base catalyzed enantioselective boryl conjugate additions (BCAs) that generate products containing boron-substituted quaternary carbon stereogenic centers are disclosed. Reactions are performed in the presence of 1.0-5.0 m

Assembly of Fluorinated Quaternary Stereogenic Centers through Catalytic Enantioselective Detrifluoroacetylative Aldol Reactions.
A Cu-catalyzed asymmetric detrifluoroacetylative aldol addition reaction of 2-fluoro-1,3-diketones/hydrates to aldehydes in the presence of base and chiral bidentate ligand was developed. The reaction was carried out under convenient conditions and t

Nonenzymatic enantioselective synthesis of all-carbon quaternary centers through desymmetrization.
The asymmetric desymmetrization of meso or prochiral compounds containing an all-carbon quaternary center is an attractive alternative to classical synthetic approaches aimed at the asymmetric formation of a new C-C bond. This review focuses on nonen

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A straightforward procedure to carry out the enantioselective benzoin reaction between aldehydes and ynones by employing a chiral N-heterocyclic carbene (NHC) as catalyst was developed. Under the optimized reaction conditions, these ynones undergo a

Stereoselective formation of quaternary stereogenic centers via alkylation of α-substituted malonate-imidazolidinones.
A new stereoselective alkylation methodology is presented for formation of chiral, nonracemic quaternary centers via a chiral auxiliary protocol involving α-alkylated malonate imidazolidinones. Based on two X-ray structures of quaternized products, t

Stereoselective metal-free synthesis of β-amino thioesters with tertiary and quaternary stereogenic centers.
β-Amino thioesters are important natural building blocks for the synthesis of numerous bioactive molecules. An organocatalyzed Mannich reaction was developed which provides direct and highly stereoselective access to acyclic β(2)- and β(2,3,3)-amino