Compact spatial multiplexers for mode division multiplexing.

Spatial multiplexer (SMUX) for mode division multiplexing (MDM) has evolved from mode-selective excitation, multiple-spot and photonic-lantern based s...
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PLC-based LP₁₁ mode rotator for mode-division multiplexing transmission.
A PLC-based LP11 mode rotator is proposed. The proposed mode rotator is composed of a waveguide with a trench that provides asymmetry of the waveguide. Numerical simulations show that converting LP11a (LP11b) mode to LP11b (LP11a) mode can be achieve

Time domain multiplexed spatial division multiplexing receiver.
A novel time domain multiplexed (TDM) spatial division multiplexing (SDM) receiver which allows for the reception of >1 dual polarization mode with a single coherent receiver, and corresponding 4-port oscilloscope, is experimentally demonstrated. Rec

Mode-selective photonic lanterns for space-division multiplexing.
We demonstrate a 3x1 fiber-based photonic lantern spatial-multiplexer with mode-selectivity greater than 6 dB and transmission loss of less than 0.3 dB. The total insertion loss of the mode-selective multiplexers when coupled to a graded-index few-mo

WDM-compatible mode-division multiplexing on a silicon chip.
Significant effort in optical-fibre research has been put in recent years into realizing mode-division multiplexing (MDM) in conjunction with wavelength-division multiplexing (WDM) to enable further scaling of the communication bandwidth per fibre. I

First demonstration of a 2μm few-mode TDFA for mode division multiplexing.
We report the first demonstration of an inline few-mode thulium doped fiber amplifier (TDFA) operating at 2μm for mode division multiplexed transmission. Similar gain and noise figure performance for both the LP(01) and LP(11) modes are obtained in a

Silicon nitride three-mode division multiplexing and wavelength-division multiplexing using asymmetrical directional couplers and microring resonators.
We demonstrate silicon nitride mode-division multiplexing (MDM) and wavelength-division multiplexing (WDM) using asymmetrical directional couplers and microring resonators. Our experiments reveal three-mode multiplexing and demultiplexing. We demonst

Densely packed waveguide array (DPWA) on a silicon chip for mode division multiplexing.
A densely packed waveguide array (DPWA) structure for mode division multiplexing on a silicon chip is proposed. The DPWA consists of several narrow waveguides with different widths, which are densely packed with gaps of 100nm. The lateral dimension o

Design of add-drop multiplexer based on multi-core optical fibers for mode-division multiplexing.
A multi-core fiber coupler is proposed to extract one of the modes in a few-mode optical fiber from a light beam, leaving the other modes undisturbed, and allowing a new signal to be retransmitted on that mode. Selective coupling of higher-order mode

Few mode Er(3+)-doped fiber with micro-structured core for mode division multiplexing in the C-band.
Design and experimental characterization of Er(3+)-doped fiber amplifiers supporting 6 spatial modes in wavelength division multiplexing regime are reported. The study is first focused on Er(3+)-doped circular ring-structured profiles accessible with

Dispersion-supported direct-detection mode group division multiplexing using commercial multimode fiber couplers.
In this Letter, an intensity-modulation direct-detection mode group multiplexing system is investigated. The system does not use highly modally selective optics: multiplexing and demultiplexing is done in commercial multimode couplers and modal diver