CLIPdb: a CLIP-seq database for protein-RNA interactions.

RNA-binding proteins (RBPs) play essential roles in gene expression regulation through their interactions with RNA transcripts, including coding, cano...
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HPIDB 2.0: a curated database for host-pathogen interactions.
Identification and analysis of host-pathogen interactions (HPI) is essential to study infectious diseases. However, HPI data are sparse in existing molecular interaction databases, especially for agricultural host-pathogen systems. Therefore, resourc

4DGenome: a comprehensive database of chromatin interactions.
The 3D structure of the genome plays a critical role in regulating gene expression. Recent progress in mapping technologies for chromatin interactions has led to a rapid increase in this kind of interaction data. This trend will continue as research

InterRNA: a database of base interactions in RNA structures.
A major component of RNA structure stabilization are the hydrogen bonded interactions between the base residues. The importance and biological relevance for large clusters of base interactions can be much more easily investigated when their occurrenc

microPIR2: a comprehensive database for human-mouse comparative study of microRNA-promoter interactions.
microRNA (miRNA)-promoter interaction resource (microPIR) is a public database containing over 15 million predicted miRNA target sites located within human promoter sequences. These predicted targets are presented along with their related genomic and

PCPPI: a comprehensive database for the prediction of Penicillium-crop protein-protein interactions.
Penicillium expansum , the causal agent of blue mold, is one of the most prevalent post-harvest pathogens, infecting a wide range of crops after harvest. In response, crops have evolved various defense systems to protect themselves against this and o

NLDB: a database for 3D protein-ligand interactions in enzymatic reactions.
NLDB (Natural Ligand DataBase; URL: ) is a database of automatically collected and predicted 3D protein-ligand interactions for the enzymatic reactions of metabolic pathways registered in KEGG. Structural information about these re

CancerNet: a database for decoding multilevel molecular interactions across diverse cancer types.
Protein-protein interactions (PPIs) and microRNA (miRNA)-target interactions are important for deciphering the mechanisms of tumorigenesis. However, current PPI databases do not support cancer-specific analysis. Also, no available databases can be us

Mouse IDGenes: a reference database for genetic interactions in the developing mouse brain.
The study of developmental processes in the mouse and other vertebrates includes the understanding of patterning along the anterior-posterior, dorsal-ventral and medial- lateral axis. Specifically, neural development is also of great clinical relevan

DBBP: database of binding pairs in protein-nucleic acid interactions.
Interaction of proteins with other molecules plays an important role in many biological activities. As many structures of protein-DNA complexes and protein-RNA complexes have been determined in the past years, several databases have been constructed

NPInter v3.0: an upgraded database of noncoding RNA-associated interactions.
Despite the fact that a large quantity of noncoding RNAs (ncRNAs) have been identified, their functions remain unclear. To enable researchers to have a better understanding of ncRNAs' functions, we updated the NPInter database to version 3.0, which c