Cerebral sinovenous thrombosis in a child with idiopathic nephrotic syndrome.

Nephrotic syndrome (NS) is a renal disorder characterized by heavy proteinuria, hypoalbuninemia, edema and hypercholesterolemia. Nephrotic syndrome in...
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Cerebral Sinovenous Thrombosis.
Cerebral sinovenous thrombosis (CSVT) is a rare but serious cerebrovascular disorder affecting children from the newborn period through childhood and adolescence. The incidence is estimated at 0.6/100,000/year, with 30-50% occurring in newborns. Caus

Neuroimaging findings in pediatric cerebral sinovenous thrombosis.
Pediatric cerebral sinovenous thrombosis (CSVT) is a potentially life-threatening condition which is usually diagnosed by MRI. We analyzed the signal changes of the thrombus over time and the role of diffusion-weighted/tensor imaging (DWI/DTI) in the

Cerebral Sinovenous Thrombosis in Neonates and Children.
Investigators from Erasmus University Hospital in Belgium and Gustave-Dron Hospital and Roger-Salengro Hospital in France studied the clinical and neuroradiologic characteristics of cerebral sinovenous thrombosis (CSVT) in neonates and children.

Acute paraplegia in a preterm infant with cerebral sinovenous thrombosis.
We report the case of a 1-month old, 28-week gestational age infant who presented with acute paraplegia after cardiopulmonary arrest. Later imaging confirms cerebral sinovenous thrombosis (CSVT) and a suspected infarction in the conus medullaris of t

Homocystinuria: A Rare Disorder Presenting as Cerebral Sinovenous Thrombosis.
Objective Homocystinuria is an inborn error of amino acid metabolism caused by cystathionine beta-synthase deficiency that affects methionine metabolism. The clinical features are heterogeneous ranging from mental retardation, ectopia lentis, and ost

Venous sinus thrombosis in a child with nephrotic syndrome: a case report and literature review.
Nephrotic syndrome is associated with a hypercoagulable state and an increased risk of thromboembolic complications. Cerebral venous sinus thrombosis is a rare complication of nephrotic syndrome, with few cases described in the literature, although t

A novel association between cerebral sinovenous thrombosis and nonketotic hyperglycinemia in a neonate.
Lethargy in newborns usually indicates central nervous system dysfunction, and many conditions such as cerebrovascular events, infections, and metabolic diseases should be considered in the differential diagnosis. Nonketotic hyperglycinemia is an aut